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Interviews: TPOD Signing Report - John Nowacki





Nov 20th, 1998




Washington, DC


The Path of Daggers Book Tour




John Nowacki



  • 1

    John Nowacki

    Regarding today's signing at Olsson's in DC:

    Fairly small crowd, as expected. Very few questions asked (that I overheard), though RJ did repeat the "I've known the last scene since..." bit at least four or five times.

    He also told one fellow who wanted a photograph that he didn't mind having his picture taken, but he insisted on keeping his clothes on. Someone in the line said "Damn!" rather loudly, and RJ looked back and said that he hears that a lot. Well...


  • 2

    Robert Jordan

    RJ said that a channeler can hide strength as well as ability to channel, but added that 1) few people know how to do it, and 2) the Aes Sedai don't even know these tricks are possible.

    John Nowacki

    Those caveats are rather obvious, I know. But I mention this answer because I thought I heard it reported here that this question was met with "RAFO" in the past. I'm sure someone will clarify that for me.


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    John Nowacki

    One of the regular contributors to the group—I don't recall whom—suggested asking whether Moridin came into existence before or after the 'gars.

    Robert Jordan

    That one earned a quick glance and a RAFO.


  • 4

    John Nowacki

    Well, that's about it, in a nutshell.

    John Nowacki