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Interviews: RJ: Letter to Fans on the Delay of COT





Aug 22nd, 2002



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    Dragonmount now lists Crossroads of Twilight as having a January 7, 2003 release date. Originally it was set to be released on November 12, 2002, but it has been pushed back at Robert Jordan's request.

    Tor books was the first to confirm to us that it has been delayed because Robert Jordan wants to make sure he has enough time to make it just right. They would not comment on the exact release date yet.


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    In addition, Robert Jordan himself filled us in on the reasons for the change in date:

    Robert Jordan

    I asked [Tor Books] to shift the book to January, a move we had discussed several months ago as a possibility. We have been working on a very tight schedule lately, with me hoping to finish the book by September 30, the positively absolute latest date which would allow for the original November 12 [publishing] date. I still don't know whether I will make September 30, and with Tor beginning to plan a November tour, I began to see the possibility of a huge explosion of disappointment if I was as much as a week late. That week would make it impossible to make November 12 and necessitate rescheduling the entire tour. Or more likely, canceling it, since there just wouldn't be time to reschedule. The only way to keep from getting ulcers over the situation was to reschedule the book, and that's what I told [Tor]. So, I am working away, and will finish as soon as I can. And maybe for once, my editor and I will have a little time to look over the book as a whole together instead of being forced to rely on the chapter-by-chapter as-I-hand-them-in sort of editing.


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    A word from Jason:

    A lot of you are probably more than a little bummed about this, but look on the bright side: we know that Robert Jordan is taking his time to write the best book possible. We've already waited about two years, so an extra two months should not make a huge difference. It just means you won't have one under your Christmas Tree, right?. I don't know about you, but I'm willing to wait that time if it means the book will be that much better.