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Interviews: Letter to R. S. Cerveny





Dec 8th, 1993





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    R. S. Cerveny

    YES, I just received a letter from the Master himself!

    The verbatim contents of a letter I just received from Robert Jordan. (A note of explanation: for books I greatly enjoy, I always have written letters of praise to the authors. I have written several past letters to Jordan regarding his books but had not up until this time received a reply.) If you are wondering, I wrote him at "Robert Jordan c/o Tor Books, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10010", The letter is postmarked December 8 from Charleston SC:

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    Robert Jordan

    Thank you very much for your letter. Receiving it was like getting a great pat on the back.

    I have recently become aware of Internet, and have been a little dazed by the depth of interest Internet users display in my books. It's very flattering. However, I must correct the comment about Chapel Hill: I have never attended Chapel Hill in any way and I was not a geography major (sorry) . . I attended The Citadel, and took my B.S. there, with a double major in math and physics.

    Praise from a geographer for my world-building is praise indeed! Thanks for your kind words.


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    Robert Jordan

    I am not overly fond of the covers myself. My editor and I have fought long and hard to try to make them right, and on those occasions when we were able to speak directly to Darryl Sweet (the cover artist) most problems were taken care of in short order. On other occasions, though, when we had to go through other people at Tor, seemingly endless descriptions of people, clothes, weapons, Trollocs, etc. produced either nothing like what I envisioned or else something only close.


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    Robert Jordan

    A note, since you apparently have access to Internet and maybe some of the others. Various people have told me that they have seen messages posted about The Wheel of Time purporting to be from me. I do not have access to Internet or any other bulletin board. I have never posted any messages, nor even listened in through someone else's connection.


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    Robert Jordan

    Again, thanks for your letter.

    With best wishes, I remain,


    Robert Jordan