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Interviews: Robert Jordan Talks About the Holidays





Dec 19th, 2003




Jason Denzel



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    Jason Denzel

    In this month's Orbit Newsletter, Robert Jordan (along with several other authors) answered some questions about the holidays. Robert Jordan had some fun answers:
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    Which famous Science Fiction & Fantasy (SFF) figure (writer or character) would you most like to bring to a Christmas party? And which of your own creations would you invite to pull a cracker or two?

    Robert Jordan

    Robert Heinlein and J.R.R. Tolkien. I'd go for Mark Twain and Jane Austen, but you did say SFF. And writers are, one hopes, more fascinating than any of their characters because they contain all of their characters, who might be let out if the wine flows freely. Heinlein and Tolkien were two very interesting and very different men, with a few similarities I believe, and it is the precise mesh of differences and similarities that make for brilliant dinner table conversation. If I could have a third, I'd make it John M. Ford. I know exactly what sort of dinner companion Mike is, and his presence at a table with Heinlein and Tolkien would guarantee an evening of marvelous conversation. Between the three of them, they'd make sure that everybody sparkled, if only by being pulled along in their slipstream.


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    And what SFF movie would you all collapse in front of after the [Holiday] feast?

    Robert Jordan

    Not one, I fear. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, back to back, in the expanded versions. Pull an all-nighter over brandy and cigars. Mr. Heinlein would be fascinated by the special effects and how they were done, as well as by the story, of course. Mr. Tolkien could grumble about what the movies had done to his books. I've never known a writer who didn't enjoy grumbling, at least in private, about what the movies had done to his book. And Mike and I could just enjoy. Maybe we'd toss in Pirates of the Caribbean and make it a true all-nighter. I went to a charity Halloween ball as Captain Black Jack Sparrow (hair beads by Elise Mattheson), and I am told the resemblance between me and Johnny Depp was amazing. Especially around the eyes. The eyes took two women half an hour to get done!


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    Jason Denzel

    Johhny Depp? Uh-huuuh.... We'll do our best to get pictures of his costume online.