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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Interviews: KOD Signing Report - Scott Carlson





Oct 21st, 2005




Dayton, OH


Knife of Dreams Book Tour


Books & Co.


Scott Carlson



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    Scott Carlson

    I was too busy trying to rush my way through Knife of Dreams (and failing) (and avoiding the spoilers I knew I'd find here till I finished) to remember to fish for questions, so I only had a couple hastily prepared ones on my mind. Being so hastily prepared, I was sure at least one of them would get RAFO'd. To my surprise, neither did.
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    Scott Carlson

    The first was: "Lately Lews Therin has been in Rand's head increasingly, and increasingly, Lews Therin has been bemoaning that he's got voices in his head. Is Lews Therin merely a disembodied voice in Rand's head in Rand's time, or is there some kind of time-spanning link between them, and Rand is concurrently a disembodied voice in Lews Therin's head in the Age of Legends?"

    Robert Jordan

    RJ replied that it is the former; that Lews Therin is a disembodied voice that refuses to believe he is a disembodied voice.


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    Scott Carlson

    On my second trip up, I went for what I figured was the longer-shot. I asked "Rand has been having the dizzy spells and sick sensations when channeling, despite having cleansed saidin. Is this an lasting effect of the taint, like having built up some taint in male channelers that won't go away?"

    Robert Jordan

    And the answer was "No, it's completely unrelated to the taint."

    Scott Carlson

    In retrospect, I should have gone for an either/or on the second question, posing Lews Therin trying to seize control of saidin as a second option, and maybe gotten a positive confirmation on my top two contenders, instead of just a negative confirmation on one.


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    Robert Jordan

    Since I snagged a seat fairly close to the desk he was signing at, I got to listen in on the snippets that seemed story-related rather than personal or involving his writing process, and gleaned in addition that there's a 50/50 chance that the next book will be based off the working title A Memory of Light, and that book twelve (which he declared in his opening spiel will absolutely positively be the last book if it ends up 3000 pages long and they have to sell it with a bookstand and luggage carrier—not an exact quote but close) will definitely "cover Tarmon Gai'don and a little beyond."


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    Scott Carlson

    Anyhow, that's my meager, notes-scrawled-on-the-back-of-my-line-number report.