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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Interviews: KOD Signing Report - Ted Herman





Oct 11th, 2005




New York, NY


Knife of Dreams Book Tour


Barnes and Noble


Ted Herman



  • 1

    Ted Herman

    Went to Walmart at 7am but the clerks there were not on the ball, so I had to wait until I got to Barnes & Noble to buy Knife of Dreams, around 10am. I was the first one there, though I ended up second on line. They were strict with two books signed, hardcovers only, per trip through the line, with no personalizations. Also, no question and answer session :(

    I did see TMH there (I'm not going to try to spell your name dude :p ) who was a few spots behind me in line. Didn't see anyone else from Theoryland to know it though. But if you were there I was wearing a Mets hat. And reading Knife of Dreams.

    Got a few questions answered though from the list, after going through the line twice. It was an hour wait just about, and I had no more books to sign, so I left. I am going to another signing tonight and possibly one tomorrow though, and hopefully I can winnow out the question list after I complete Knife of Dreams. No RAFOs either.

    Robert Jordan

    Didn't get really to hear other people's questions either unfortunately, except for one genius who asked when the next book is coming out, and RJ announced to everyone that it would be published after he finishes writing it.


  • 2


    What criteria are most helpful for investigating Asmodean's murder, out of motive, means, timing?

    Robert Jordan

    Timing is what you should focus on. He repeated about how someone on the internet figured it out.


  • 3


    Did Ishamael appear in the flesh aside from the battle with Rand in the Stone of Tear?

    Robert Jordan

    Yes, he was in the flesh in Tel'aran'rhiod several times, starting in The Great Hunt (but he didn't specify when).


  • 4


    Are Tel'aran'rhiod, the Skimming space and the Gap of Infinity all part of the Unseen World?

    Robert Jordan

    No, they are all separate from each other.


    'Gap of Infinity' is the Theoryland name for the place Egwene goes to find dreams.


  • 5

    Ted Herman

    Did Artur Hawkwing know he was a hero of the Horn? (I asked this because of a quote in BWB when he was on his deathbed, saying the battle is not over yet).

    Robert Jordan

    No, not when he was alive.


  • 6

    Ted Herman

    And Isabel I did say Hi for you! And told him of the letter you are writing about Asmodean. (a little anyway)