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Jun 30th, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    I finally got around to collecting links to all of the blog posts I did about the various books in the Wheel of Time. I've fixed up the page, and will soon be making the gemstone on the Wheel of Time Portal point to this. I thought I'd post the list below for all of you who are interested.

    In early 2008, Brandon re-read the entire series again in preparation to beginning work on A Memory of Light. Each time he finished one of the books, he made a blog post relating some of his thoughts and impressions of the book. As you read through these, there are a few important things to remember.

    1) This was not Brandon's first time through the series. He'd read many of the earlier books many times. He had been a fan of the series since its early days.

    2) These blog posts are not meant to be exhaustive. They're not reviews, nor does he touch on every topic important to a given book. Really, this was done just as a way to keep readers updated on his progress.

    3) He was giving reader response in these posts, not usually talking as the author of the final book of the series. That means (as he says in the introduction) if he finds a character annoying in one place, you don't have to worry that he hates that character or won't give them their due space in Book Twelve. Sometimes, writers want the reader to be annoyed with characters! Brandon loves each and every one of the characters in these books, and intends to treat them all with respect. (Also, he was very careful not to give clues about what is going on in Book Twelve in these posts.)

    4) Remember, Brandon is very fond of the Wheel of Time series. He approached these blog posts as one who loves the books and who is working on the final one. In other words, don't come looking for complaints about the series, because you won't find them here.

    5) Finally, remember that these were quickly-written blog entries. (And, again not official reviews or essays.) That distinction means that Brandon didn't spend a lot of time editing the content. They will have typos and errors, and the language isn't quite as smooth as it could be.

    That said, enjoy!

    Introduction to the Blog Posts
    Book One: The Eye of the World
    Book Two: The Great Hunt (Blog Post One) (Blog Post Two)
    Book Three: The Dragon Reborn
    Book Four: The Shadow Rising
    Book Five: The Fires of Heaven
    Book Six: Lord of Chaos
    Book Seven: A Crown of Swords
    Book Eight: The Path of Daggers
    Book Nine: Winter's Heart
    Book Ten: Crossroads of Twilight
    Book Eleven: Knife of Dreams
    Prequel: New Spring

    Note, you can also search for all blog posts with the Wheel of Time as a tag.