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Interviews: Brandon Sanderson's Blog: Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day!





Dec 19th, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes; I had a flood of emails and Facebook posts, and they are appreciated greatly. It has been a great day so far. (Spent the afternoon playing Magic with a group of friends, and am watching a movie tonight with Pemberly after eating a nice big bowl of Mac and Cheese.) HoTay even gave me four packs of cards as a gift, and I got a foil rare, so life is great. ;)
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    Brandon Sanderson

    A few things to point out. First off, we are at 99% (!) on A Memory of Light as of last night. We'll see if I can get some more writing done tomorrow and bring us up to the 400k mark. However, THIS IS NOT THE END. We will soon see what happens in the system when I type in 101%. I'm honestly not sure how the code will regard that.

    I'm expecting to go to 150% or so on this book, maybe 175%. It won't go to 800k, I don't think, but 600-700 seems likely. I might just keep the same progress bar and have it inch higher, since if you're following the blog, you know what that means. And if someone sees the bar for the first time, there's a chance they'll interpret it right if it shows 110% or so. Once I'm into revisions, I'll have a separate progress bar for those.


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    Brandon Sanderson

    If you missed the Short Story that published of mine yesterday, you might want to check it out! As several people noticed and emailed me, the audio link to download an MP3 of the story is there on the page at the top left under "Listen." I can't get the link to work myself right now, but it's not at all hard to find it yourself.