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Oct 31st, 2009




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    Peter Ahlstrom

    Peter again. Brandon asked me to give a shout out about the Denver signing on Sunday, November 1st. (Today's early afternoon signing in Las Vegas is about to start, so if you're in the area, head on down!)

    The Tattered Cover is one of the best independent bookstores in the nation, and they've taken good care of Brandon in the past—even before he was picked to finish the Wheel of Time. For big events the Tattered Cover rents an adjacent auditorium for the author to speak in, and tomorrow's appearance is no exception. For that reason—to cover the costs of renting the hall—this is a ticketed event; the first 275 people to buy a copy of The Gathering Storm from any of the Tattered Cover's three locations will get a ticket to the auditorium to see Brandon speak. (He'll most likely be doing a reading, a short presentation, and/or a Q&A session.) Then everyone in the auditorium gets their books signed.

    If you've already bought your copy of the book elsewhere, or if the 275 hall tickets have run out, you can get a free ticket to the overflow section starting Sunday at 1:00 p.m. (the store employee I talked to estimated there would be 200 of these available). Everyone in the overflow will be able to hear Brandon talk but must wait to see him until the actual signing line starts filing past.

    Brandon wants to make sure that at least the event hall gets filled up to make this worth the Tattered Cover's while. Strong independents like this sticking their necks out for authors are still a huge portion of the lifeblood of the book market. For event details please see the Tattered Cover's website.