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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Interviews: COT Signing Report - Ajierene





Jan 21st, 2003




Philadelphia, PA


Crossroads of Twilight Book Tour


Free Library of Philadelphia





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    It was Tuesday night and I left work a bit late, for once. Headed to Philadelphia to meet the great Robert Jordan and get a book signed. The Free Library of Philadelphia was where the signing would be and a bookstore was selling the books there also. Good thing, because I did not buy a book before this, hearing that Mr. Jordan only signs books that are bought at the store he is doing the signing at. Of course this being a library, I was a bit confused at first.
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    I arrived there at 6:40 pm. The line already had about 30 people in it, down a hallway just off the main entrance of the library. I bought my book and walked to the end of the line. Standing in front of me was a nice guy by the name of Sean (I later found out) who had started reading the books on a whim. We spent the time waiting for Robert Jordan to step into our presence talking about the book and why we started reading it; as well as our expectations for the personality of the author. Presently a man walked past us with a woman. The man himself was not tall, barely taller than my 5'2" and the woman shorter than that. It took a moment, and the trademark hat was a big clue, to realize that this was Robert Jordan himself walking past me to the desk. I presume the woman with him is his wife.

    Robert Jordan

    He got to the front of the line and turned to say a few words, though short and unable to see him, I could clearly hear his deep voice above the crowd. He spoke, "Many of you ask me, at these signings, when the next book will come out? Why you ask me this when you haven't even read the one in your hand, I don't know. I tell you now, on my mother's soul that the very next book will be, without a doubt, on the bookshelves, just as soon as I finish writing it." OK, so that wasn't completely verbatim, but you get the idea. He followed this with telling us that he will try to get the series done in the next two books, but will not guarantee it. After a short description on how to properly pronounce the names of the characters he got on with the book signing. I promptly forgot how to properly pronounce anything.


    Ajierene's physical description seems to contradict every other description, and video as well. RJ was over 6' tall and described by most as 'a big man'. Harriet is not incredibly short.


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    I called Gerald up and we brainstormed some ideas for questions. I brainstormed with Sean also and discussed how similar the Old Tongue is to his friend's gypsy language. We were ushered to stand against the wall while we waited. Then ushered to stand in the middle of the hallway. Perhaps the Library staff was bored. We discussed the sign on the wall:

    Robert Jordan will not sign mass produced paperbacks
    Questions are allowed, photographs are allowed
    Robert Jordan will sign 2 books per trip through the line:
    10 books, 2 books per trip = 5 trips

    So that's why people were running to the back of the line when they were done getting their books signed.

    Finally our turn came.

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    Sean asked Robert Jordan if the gypsy language influenced his language.

    Robert Jordan

    He said it did not, however the Old Tongue was taken from Danish, old English, Welsh as well as Eastern European, and Asian. Which explains the familiarity, Sean told me later, the gypsy language is influenced by the aforementioned areas also.


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    My turn and I had three questions for him.
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    I asked if Trollocs could ever do good.

    Robert Jordan

    He looked up from where he was about to sign my book and told me, ".Trollocs could do good as easily as you could cut up a baby. It just isn't in their nature." Food for thought, so to speak.


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    Robert Jordan

    Ogier can bond with Aes Sedai, it's just a different kind of bond. I didn't go into asking why, since there was a line behind me and I had one more questions.


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    I asked if there were any female Fades.

    Robert Jordan

    Again Mr. Jordan looked up (by that time he was about to sign the next book). He told me how one does not see women Trollocs since they are really just baby machines. Apparently they are barefoot and pregnant somewhere deep in the Blight. Fades are a throwback of Trollocs and no, no female Fades have ever been seen. OK, so the question was dodged a bit. His wife thought Fades were not gender specific, but Robert Jordan said they are. More food for thought.


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    Unfortunately the answers to these two questions sparked a multitude of more questions, but I did not want to bother the man too much.

    At a little after 7:00 pm, I left the library and headed to my car. I walked out with Sean and discussed how nice Mr. Jordan was, not at all arrogant, like I had heard. He agreed and noted how similar the languages are. Now I am off to feverishly read the Crossroads of Twilight and catch up with the rest of you.