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Interviews: Robert Jordan on the status of Book 10





Jun 13th, 2002





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    Jason Denzel

    In an email to Dragonmount, Robert Jordan put some speculation to rest as to the status of his upcoming tenth Wheel of Time novel. Despite everything, many people still think that the book is done and that his publishers are just sitting on the finished manuscript. Some vendors, including, claim to know the exact release date and number of pages, we can shed some Light on the current situation:
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    Robert Jordan

    As always, editing is an ongoing process, with me handing chapters to Harriet and redoing them to meet her editorial questions, not to mention redoing them to meet my own concerns or questions that have arisen in later chapters. I now believe that I will be finished and ready to hand in the manuscript to Tor by the end of August. This is much later than I had hoped, and much later than is usual with a book, but then, the last four books have been in the stores only two months after I handed in the completed manuscript. I would love to have a little more time to look at the thing as a whole, and so would Harriet, but the writing always takes longer than I first believe, the fans are always clamoring for the next book as soon as possible, and my publisher always wants to get the next book out as soon as possible and with as little gap as possible between it and the previous book. Given the foregoing, and that it takes me about two years to complete a book to my satisfaction—I'm never really satisfied, but at some point you have to say it's time to stop and go on to the next book—there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid that very quick turnaround. So you can tell people that, God willing and the creek don't rise, I will be ready to hand in the manuscript at the end of August and the book will be published in November. But even I don't know exactly how many pages it will be, at this point. Not short, though. I'm afraid I just don't write short.


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    Jason Denzel

    Of course, between now and then, we're pretty confident that there will be a few sneak peaks at the book.