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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Interviews: ACOS Signing Report - Dean West





Aug 4th, 1996




Durham, NC


A Crown of Swords Book Tour


Barnes & Noble



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    Dean M. West II

    Robert Jordan was at Barnes & Noble on Sunday Aug. 4, 1996. While in line to get some books autographed I overheard and asked a few questions. Here is what I remember:
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    What is the title of the next book?

    Robert Jordan

    I don't know that yet. I don't really come up with a title until about half way through the book. As of right now it has a working title of "Book Eight".


  • 3


    When is the next book coming out?

    Robert Jordan

    As of right now I am supposed to deliver it in November of '97. However, it might not get released until January or February of '98. (looks like another long run fellas/gals.)


  • 4


    Are you going to conclude each plot? Little and big? (He really doesn't like when authors do this!)

    Robert Jordan

    No. I plan to leave some things left unanswered (Asmodean??? Arrgh!) I do not like it when other authors clean every little thread up. It is too clean. It isn't very realistic of problems, especially problems of this magnitude. They just don't always get solved. Also, I plan to leave the very last scene with a big hook leaving you with a great big question. (After he said this his wife looked at him and said, "Really?")


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    If you were unable to complete the series who would finish it up?

    Robert Jordan

    (Very strongly) No one. If something happens to me I have a friend who has agreed to go over to my house and format my computer three times. I am the only person going to finish this series or no one is. (I guess this blows all you Piers Anthony people out of the water!! Well at least we know it is on a computer...any hackers out there in South Carolina?) ;-)


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    Dean M. West II

    This is all just a paraphrase, but a pretty good one. When I heard question three I just wanted to go over and strangle him, but that really wouldn't solve the problem especially with the last question in mind.