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Interviews: TGS Signing Report - Jason Wolfbrother





Nov 21st, 2009




San Jose, CA


The Gathering Storm Book Tour


Barnes & Noble


Jason Wolfbrother



  • 1

    Jason Wolfbrother

    Well when I went to the San Jose book signing for Knife of Dreams and got the chance to ask RJ the questions I brought I went 10 for 11 with only one RAFO. Unfortunately, I went one for two with Brandon Sanderson. One RAFO and one "she's on the right track" answer.


    Aren't you going to tell us what the questions were?

    Jason Wolfbrother

    lol yeah I guess I could do that.

  • 2

    Jason Wolfbrother

    Are gholam immune to the True Power?

    Brandon Sanderson



  • 3

    Jason Wolfbrother

    ...and the second one I asked as he was signing my book "To Jason Wolfbrother Graendal (might have) killed Asmodean". I had to try.


  • 4

    Jason Wolfbrother

    ...anyway the question was if burned out channelers could be Healed as severed or stilled channelers could.

    Brandon Sanderson

    His answer, paraphrased because I wasn't recording and I was laughing at what he wrote was: "Nynaeve thinks that there is nothing that cannot be Healed. She was right about Healing Stilling and she is on the right track." But he didn't confirm or deny or RAFO whether burned out channelers could or could not be Healed.