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Interviews: KOD Signing Report - Brian





Oct 12th, 2005




Warwick, RI


Knife of Dreams Book Tour


Barnes and Noble





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    Hi all,

    I just got back from the signing at the B&N store in Warwick, RI.

    My wife and I arrived at about 11:45am, about 45 minutes before the signing, we were the fifth people in line. The booksellers had some minor issues setting up a sound system after about 15 minutes of playing with the feedback machine one made the comment that they hoped he had a "booming" voice.

    Robert Jordan

    They announced him and he came in and before sitting down ran through a brief pronunciation guide. He had a wry smile on his face as he went through the litany.

    While the booksellers said only hardcovers, the person in front of me had the comic and when Mr. Jordan saw it he turned and said, "I am going to need a sharpie for this." One was produced and after signing the cover he informed the person to let it dry otherwise it would smear. He was also adding small personalization if the person wanted.

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    One person asked about a rumor that there would be a 13th book and he stood up and addressed the line.

    Robert Jordan

    He informed us that the next book would be the last book for this "story", it might be a 2,000 page hard cover that you need a luggage cart to get out of the bookstore but it will be the last one.

    He also mentioned that after the last book he is considering two more prequels but I got the impression that he was not completely committed to both of them.


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    All in all it was a good signing. I got both of my books signed and a chance to tell him thank you.