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Interviews: AMOL Signing Report - Ted Pick





Jan 9th, 2013




Skokie, IL


AMOL Book Tour


Barnes & Noble




17th Shard


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    Ted Pick

    Right then, report time!

    So this book signing was a much needed relief for me. I haven't read any is Sanderson's WoT books, but I own every other book he has done (except for Alcatraz). So when I heard he was coming to Chicago, I was extremely excited!

    After finishing the move to my new apartment around 3 PM, I decided to forgo the unpacking and headed off to Skokie, IL! Took the public transport system to get to the Barnes and Noble and arrived around 5:05. I picked up my copy of A Memory of Light (and ticket #145) and headed down to the Q&A area.

    In the area there were about 40-50 folding chairs, with the first few rows being reserved for the first 25 ticket holders. Upon my arrival most of the seats were taken and a decent number of people standing around. I was lucky enough to snag a seat off to the side and one row behind the reserved section. For the next hour people continued to filter in and there was much excitement as Harriet and Maria were spotted up on the balcony level overlooking the Q&A section before they went in back to wait for Brandon.

    At 6:32 Brandon entered the store through the main doors and was immediately greeted by applause and cheers. He quickly disappeared to the back of the store after shaking some hands and making a joke.

    As of 6:45 there had been around 242 tickets handed out to participants, and then at 7:10, when Brandon came out to the podium with Harriet and Maria there were 271 tickets handed out.

    At 7:10 Brandon, Harriet, and Maria were announced and the fun began! We were in for a surprise as Brandon announced that instead of a reading, the three of them were going to do a surprise Q&A session for us instead!

    I did my best to record the entire section (sorry if my phone was in anyone's way! I tried to keep it low!), but about 2/3rds of the way through I got a call, followed by multiple texts, which made my phone stop recording. So there were two questions asked that didn't get recorded. My phone also ran out of memory at the very end of the session as well, so the tail end of his last answer gets cut off. Sorry! The links to the video and pictures are all below! Sorry for the shakiness! After a long day of moving boxes my arms were tired!

    One of the questions that I didn't get recorded, was for Harriet asking how she picked Brandon to continue her husband's work. And I missed the other question.

    After the Q&A session the Barnes &Noble team split everyone up into groups of 100 and then worked their way through each group in amounts of 25. While you waited though the Memory Keepers did a raffle trivia for each group of 100. The prizes were the A Memory of Light messenger bag that had a Memory of Light iPhone case, and an unsigned paperback The Way of Kings. By the end of the event they had given out 20 of these prize kits.

    Now then, on to the signing! The lines moved extremely quickly as te first time through it was ONLY signatures and no personalizations. If you wanted something personalized you had to get back into the end of the line after your first go-through. The entire first line had about 300 tickets/people in total, and Brandon, Harriet, and Maria blew through them in about an hour-hour and a half.

    Harriet and Maria then ended up leaving early (around 9:45) while Brandon stayed to do personalizations. I was lucky enough to snag one of the B&N Special Event posters and got all three of them to sign it before they left though!

    I had 4 books that I needed signed: A Memory of Light, The Way of Kings, Mistborn, and the Mistborn RPG. I was extremely excited because Sanderson commented that I was the only Mistborn RPG that he has signed so far on this tour. Made my night! He also added a very special personalization to my RPG book (see pictures below).

    As for questions I asked him:

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    Ted Pick

    In Mistborn, why is it that an Allomancer either has just one metal, or is Mistborn and has ALL? Why aren't there any that have just two, or three?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Originally he had planned so that people would only have one metal, period. No Mistborns. And then as he went along with the writing he liked this idea, but he really wanted to make some more powerful Allomancers, which is why he created the Mistborn. He did say though that if you are playing the RPG, you are more than welcome to have an Allomancer that can burn two metals without Hemalurgy.


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    Ted Pick

    When will the will the Alloy of Law gaming supplemental be released?

    Brandon Sanderson

    The supplemental was originally slotted to be released this spring/summer but Crafty Games is a little behind schedule on it. Just keep your eyes open for more news on the websites!


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    Ted Pick

    And now for the promised pictures and videos!

    Enjoy! And if you have any questions, just ask!

    ~Ted Pick a.k.a Blackharp