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Interviews: AMOL Signing Report - Hypobasis





Feb 15th, 2013




Toronto, ON


AMOL Book Tour


Liilian H. Smith Library





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    Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

    Hi everyone,

    I was at the Toronto A Memory of Light signing last night, and one of the things Brandon mentioned was that Robert had plans for TWO more WOT trilogies!

    He then killed all our hope by saying that there will not be any more WOT books as per Robert's request. The WOT is done.

    He also mentioned that the sequels only had one sentence each for a description. He didn't say what they were out loud as it could spoil A Memory of Light for people.

    I asked him what they were as I was getting my books signed and this is what he said:

    The first is "Perrin is going to Shara to kill an old friend."


    I got Trae Cooper to ask Brandon about this in Atlanta, because I was pretty sure it was supposed to be Seanchan rather than Shara. Trae reported that it was indeed supposed to be Seanchan.


    Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

    And the second is:

    "Matt lying in a gutter wearing a tattered cloak."

    I'm thinking the Perrin one could be him going to kill Rand or Gaul. Could also be Longtooth. It could also be "old friend" in a sarcastic way and could be some form of Slayer returned.

    The Mat one could be him having issues with the rebels back in Seanchan? That one's very vague.

    Unfortunately we'll never know as even Sanderson knows nothing beyond these two sentences, but still exciting!