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An Hour With Harriet

2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

The Bell Tolls

2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: Oct 11th, 2005

    Ted Herman

    Oh, and Camel? He had "the" hat :lol (at the first signing anyway)


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    Interview: Jun 30th, 2010


    What's the weirdest thing a fan has asked (or suggested to) you about the series?

    Harriet McDougal Rigney

    A question this summer: Where did Jim get his hat? The one with the snakeskin band, I assume he meant—and you will love the answer. We were in Billings, Montana, and there was a custom hatter named Rand's Custom Hatters. I kid you not.


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    Interview: Sep, 2000

    Tahir Velimeev

    James, I noticed that you have a love for hats. Is there some special reason? Or is it something like a rabbit's foot, a talisman for good luck?

    Robert Jordan

    No, the reason is simple. Once I put on a hat and my wife noticed that the hat worked well for me. I have worn them ever since. I like it.

    Tahir Velimeev

    All of your nine Wheel of Time books have a dedication—they are dedicated to Harriet ...

    Robert Jordan

    Yes, to my wife, Harriet McDougal, the light of my life. Like me, she has a connection to the Navy—her father was an admiral, and as far as literature, fantasy—she worked about thirteen years as an editor at the publishing house TOR. Then she became my first and most faithful reader and the first editor of my books. I am very grateful to her for help and support. By the way, Sergei Berezhnoi told me that you Takhir, took part in the translation of the entire Wheel of Time in Russian! So you can be called in some way my co-author! I am truly glad! Let me shake your hand.

    Tahir Velimeev

    Thank you, James! We will wait for your new books.