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Wheel of Time Predictions

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About Theoryland Predictions

      This section continues to be misunderstood. Predictions was always meant to be an area where, without any real basis other than the plot line, you could come up with some original "prophecy" of your own concerning the future of your favority character or groups of characters and go down on record as having made such prophetic statements. Simple. You don't have to defend your idea, you don't need book names and page numbers (in fact, please don't include those).

      So this area has two simple functions. You can read predictions other users have made or you can submit your own. I do reserve the right to delete any prediction that doesn't fit, so please, make up something new. Don't tell us that the blood of the Aiel will be spilt during the Last Battle or that Rand will lose his hand. We don't mind if you try to interpret other prophecies, but make it worth submitting. :)

Thanks, Tamyrlin.

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