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ook at the Odds

by Lews Therin Telamon: 1998-08-21 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

Concerning the wise women in Ebou Dar. There are well over 1700 of them. The Seanchan invasion force cannot have more than 100 damane. However, the knitting circle is not in Ebou Dar, they are with Egwene and Elayne. With no leadership or organization, many of the wise women may be collared before something can be done. It's debatable on whether or not the wise women are capable of throwing back the Seanchan force, especially since they are reluctant to let people know that they can channel.
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Tamyrlin: 1998-08-21

Also, not to try to be difficult, but those damane are taught the arts of war while I highly doubt the Wise women have ever used their powers in that way. The Black Tower could have taken out an entire city of wise women with the instruction and tools of their trade that Taim has taught. But I would say that the Seanchan have about 200-300 damane in the attacking force, possibly more.


Shamgar: 1998-09-30

In response Tamyrlin, I think that the knitting circle would be fairly competant with the power, just remember the lady who shielded and held Nynaeve. Think about it. True the knitting circle isn't trained for war but then again, I don't see the D'amane being especially trained to fight other channelers, every time they go against a trained channeler They get their butts kicked, now I think they'll be outnumbered at least 3 to one, this discounting the windfinders and the few Aes Sedai with Nynaeve, that it would be a very hard fought battle. It would definitely not be an easy fight for either side.


Tamyrlin: 1998-09-30

I don't know about being outnumbered...I don't see them accepting the 'run away' decision like they did at Toman Head. This one is going to be all or nothing, the Empress will not accept less than total and complete victory. I think you will find three times as many attacking D'amane then channelers in this battle.


Mosleth: 1998-10-09

The young lady who held Nynaeve had a huge talent in shielding. Aboute adame meetings with channelers, well when have they met channelers in real battles?? Theyve met our friends, who is all very strong channelers. else they have captured some aes sedai. And no one has thougt aboute the soldiers!! there is quite a few of them.