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ontinuous Pounding

by Wullfe: 1998-09-29 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

Kinda hard to say where they'll attack next with an invasion force of over 300,000 soldiers there is no "next attack" because this attack hasn't ended yet and will not until the seanchan have taken back what they see as rightfully theirs or they are beaten back to where they came from. there is no specific place they will attack they have already seized strategic positions all over the land they wish to conquer I believe they will just push outwards attacking anything and everything until they meet with the other seanchan groups.
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Tamyrlin: 1998-09-29

As you said they have strategic positions that they would like to take, and they will attack a city first in order to smash any resistance from the local militia or army. For example, Amador, they removed the threat of the Whitecloaks and will slowly take all of Amador. Will they move North from Ebou Dar, possibly try to take Illian?


Mosleth: 1998-10-09

You havent ever heard aboute the word tactics?? There will be a next attack, since there isnt ane big attack. But more like many smal ones. They havnt seized tactical positions over all the land, they still miss the eastern parts. They will strike coordinatedly, sinse else they would be idiots someting they are not. There is a grater plane. I belive that they will strike like this:

1. Tar Valon, get the Aes sedai hedqurters and lots of damane.

2. Simoultanous strikes against tear and Ilian.

3. The force in Amardicia will move on and meet Perrin and the Prophet.

The nr.2 Im not certain about, but it would make sence, if they have the troops. I dont know the order of these attacs.