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wo Forces

by Anonymous: 1998-10-24 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

I think that the Seanchan have broken into 2 forces and here is what they will do. The first force is the one that defeated the whitecloaks in amador and they will move on to ghealdan (along with the ones in ebou dar which have mat) and there they will meet perrin's group and merryment will ensue. The second group went north through arad doman and across the black hills to attack the white tower directly. As they are attacking the tower three things will happen. First, as the seanchan force of channelers and soldiers are attacking the white tower (and have already captured some aes sedai) egwene's aes sedai will show up and join the tower to fight the seanchan menace. Second, the plan that eliada hatched to get alvarin exposed as black ajah (remeber that white sister she sent to find out who was black ajah in ACOS) will come to fruition and the tower will realize that eliada came to power with the help of the black ajah. They will not think that eliada is black, but they won't want to have her in power any more. At the same time they will have to hush it up because aes sedai go nuts over the idea of everyone knowing that there is a black ajah so they unite the tower under egwene and eliada is demoted to sisterhood with some wicked pennance. This happens just in time for my third event which is that the damn blight stops being so quiet and huge armies of trollocs pour out to wreck havoc on randland, one of which heads directly for the tower. The aes sedai and the seanchan will be forced to unite or be crushed under the immensity of the trolloc threat. Neither side likes this or trusts one another, but the only other choice is annhilitation. So the seanchan agree to release the aes sedai that they have captured an they all fight this massive threat toghether. Or, even better they keep fighting each other and the trollocs at the same time. a four way battle would be really interesting. After that's done they go back to killing! each other or at least go their separate ways. I know that this scheme is very farfetched (I mean really far) but I think it would make a very interesting read.
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Tamyrlin: 1998-10-24

I think that is a great explanation for Elaida not being killed, just demoted. Especially if indirectly she is responsible for cleaning out the BA. Then the Egwene/Elaida battle will ensue. Will the Seanchan ever learn traveling? If so, life in 'Randland' would change dramatically. We know the BA knows how to travel, Egwenes Tower knows and the Asha'man do...hmm, where they attack after that is up for grabs.