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Forsaken as Empress

by Runtus: 1998-12-28 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

I have two parts to this theory. First I have a thought or four on the Empress. I may have misunderstood the writing but I think that the empress is a Forsaken! I have a few reasons for this.

Part One

1.Whenever any Seanchan talk about the Empress they say or think, "May she live forevever". They have all seen people die so they know that no one can live forever. I think that since the Empress is a Forsaken she has lived for a long, long time and the Seanchan see that so they say "may she live forever."

2.The Empress/Forsaken has outlawed woman who can channel. She did this so none of them could see her being able to channel.

3.In the Path of Daggers, page 461 "A Time For Iron" it is talking about ( in the point of view of Miraj the Seanchan general) the Seanchan prophecies of the Dragon. They said that Rand would kneel before the Crystal Throne. "There would be no difficulty with al'Thor once he knelt before the Crystal Throne. Few easily shook off the awe they felt, kneeling before the Crystal Throne, with the thirst to obey drying their tongues." I think the the "awe" and the "thirst to obey" is Compulsion. Who knows Compulsion... The Black Ajah and the Forsaken. The Black Ajah's ageless face would give them away but that leaves the Forsaken.

4.I am not sure about this point but here goes: the Seanchan (I think) have grolm from the "Could have been" worlds. I think this is because the Empress/Forsaken went to the worlds and brought them back. I think that the Empress is a Forsaken. With these thoughts in mind I will tell where and why I think the Seanchan will attack next. There are two ideas of where the attack will be below.

Part Two

I think (under command of the Empress/Forsaken) the Seanchan will attack Illian next. I think this because it would give the Seanchan a lot of control over the southern seas. Also it would show the Seanchans (but more importantly to the Empress/Forsaken) power.Then the Seanchan would go through Caemlyn and most of Rand controlled lands to Tar Valon. This is where the Seanchan have a lot of hate. Probably driven into their heads by the Empress/Forsaken who dspises Aes Sedai a lot. The other place that the Seanchan might attack next are the northern countries. Then the Empress/Forsaken might send them up into the the Blight for a new army of the Dark. I like the second idea better. Please respond to my thoughts on this idea.
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Tamyrlin: 1998-12-28

Lets see, you brought up some very interesting points about the empress. Although what Forsaken was free during all of this time that she was Empress? Keep up the good work, I really liked this one.