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he Way of the Hammer

by Great Lord of the Dark: 2003-02-25 | 3 out of 10 (4 votes)

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Like an orchestra, there seems to be several components to the Song needed to make the crops more fertile in the Age of Legends (as seen in the glass columns of Rhuidean, The Shadow Rising):

1. Ogier singers, probably Treesingers like Loial. Presumably the Tinkers have heard these songs and said 'That's not it." But it is a COMPONENT of the Song.

2. Aiel men singing, whom the Tinkers are descendents of, as are the present-day Aiel. The Clan Chiefs, including Rand know this COMPONENT of the Song, and presumably could sing it if asked to. If they could be brought to do so, after all, they have no desire to take part in Tinker affairs.

3. Nym directing the Song, like a maestro. The last remaining Nym, Someshta, is dead. Even if a new construct could be made, would it have knowledge of its part in the Song? Could Rand or another clan chief supply the missing knowledge?

Perrin has always been intrigued by the Way of the Leaf, and battled between what is necessary (violence, represented by the axe) and what should be (peace, represented by the hammer). He has finally chosen the Hammer for himself. Now he must try bring an end to the larger scale violence or his personal choice will be for nothing. Around him, Aram took up the sword when Perrin first took up the Axe. Can he turn Aram back to the Way of the Leaf, the Way of the Hammer? How could he do this?

He could bring the Aiel to the Way of the Hammer. The Aiel believe there will be naught left to them after the Last Battle but ‘a remnant of a remnant,' that they will die in battle serving the Car'a'carn. But Perrin could find a better use for them. If he could convince them to sing the song they learned in the glass columns, they would have a new purpose: Making green things grow. Bringing bountiful food to the world. Though the Aiel would not turn to the Way of the Leaf, like the most-hated Lost Ones, they could go halfway, and follow Perrin's Way of the Hammer, building the world up from the wreckage of the Last Battle. If an Aiel still follows ji'e'toh, I imagine he would find much ji in making things grow for others, especially having lived in the Three-Fold Land where there was so little. What need for dancing the spears if there is water for all?

The ‘remnant of a remnant' would mean the Aiel are not necessarily destroyed in the Last Battle, but only the memory of that other memory from the Age of Legends would define their future existence.

Why Perrin and not Rand? Obviously Perrin is the only one with much contact with Tinkers, and he is dealing with the Aiel, as both allies and opponents. In fact, Aram might be the key to the whole process, as convincing him to choose the Hammer will be more difficult than getting the Aiel to give up the spear in favour of singing.

This theory covers some aspects of Aiel prophecy, Min's vision of Green plants flowering around Perrin, Aram's purpose, the riddle of Hammer and Axe, and the secret of the Tinker Song. I know there are some loose ends, but I'm sure you can find some I haven't considered, or patch some of the holes, like where to find a Nym.
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Tamyrlin: 2003-02-26

The whole incident with Perrin giving up the axe...stresses me out a bit. Will he still run with the wolves in the Last Battle even though he has given up the axe (isn't the axe kind of symoblic of his wolfness taking over?) But I do agree that there have been too many prophecies, foreshadowing, viewings, etc, to believe that Perrin won't have anything to do with the return to the way of the leaf, or to the return of the Song in some form. I think Aram's "purpose" is much darker. I don't think he will return, possibly even rebel against Perrin, as Perrin takes a more "anti-violence" stance. The Way of the Hammer...I like that.


Dedicated: 2003-02-26

I like this theory as a whole (especially since I am in the "Perrin will find the Song" camp) especially the Aiel part. One problem with the statement about the crystal columns and the treesong is that no one Aiel sees the same thing in the glass columns. They see through the eyes of their ancestors. Maybe not all of them see what Rand saw.

One more point, I don't think Aram will help Perrin with finding the Way. I think Aram serves as more of a contrast to it. He is an extreme example of one turning their back on the Way of the Leaf.


Callandor: 2003-02-26

If the Aiel do go to the Way of the Hammer, it will be after the Last Battle because they still have a purpose to serve with Rand. But over all I like the idea that the Aiel will revert back to a mostly peaceful way.


silverwolf: 2003-03-17

Some other sites have questioned whether Aram could be a darkfriend. What if Aram is for the light now but changes to the dark if/when Perrin joins the Way of the Leaf?

Along the "Aram is a darkfriend" thing: does the way that he seems to love torture, pain, violence and killing creep anyone else out? Yea, he's lost a lot, but his sadism is definitely not a good thing. Maybe Semirhage is behind it :)


Great Captain: 2003-03-30

To back it up Min's initial veiwing of Perrin included a growing Tree. Avensoldera Sp?? could he use a sapling to remake the tree a grow a new nym.


anderwarrick: 2003-06-06

To make a nym, you need two parts.

1) a body of plants

2) a soul

Some Aes Sedai and Asha'man could get together and use the one power to construct a body of living plants, putting that one ward on it like Elayne did to the lily with dew on it that Rand gave her. The only thing left then would be to get the soul. If any of the forsaken turned good, maybe they could use the TP to get a soul, as the DO seems to have that power.


Shadow Bane: 2003-06-23

When Perrin is viewed by Min in TDR she tells him a bunch of viewings all connected to the people Perrin now has around him.

1The Aeil in a cage-Gaul

2The tinker with a sword-Aram

3The falcon-Faile

4The hawk-Berelain

Perrin finally is with all of these people. Big things are going to happen in Perrins future, everybodys here its time to party. Although Perrin gave cup the axe he seems MORE violent to me (the hand chopping incident) The way of the hammer seems possible but I dont think its in the near future, Perrins goin' to war(Finally)


Anubis: 2003-06-24

your forgetting that if a forsaken became good (like asmodean) he would not have access to the tp (again, like asmodean) and even if the forsaken didnt turn evil, it wouldnt matter cause they cant use the true power anymore, only ishmael can.

tho again, i dont think theres anything you can do with the tp that you cant do with the op although the tps undetectability and as of yet ungauged power make it rather formidable.

the thing about perrin with the hammer that needs to be remembered i think, is that perrin has killed things with the hammer, he has used it as a weapon. it has been mentioned that the axe was a tool for killing, and has no other use, but the hammer is somthing that can kill easily, but also has other practical uses. i think this is important, especially seeing how many times we have seen the axe mentioned as having no other use.

i doubt that perrin is done running with the wolves. even tho the axe may symbolize that. with the hammer, i think he will accept the wolfes, but retain his humanity more.