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hadowspawn running amok

by WinespringBrother: 2003-01-25 | Not yet rated

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Well, got your attention anyway.

We all know how Jordan likes to sneak in plotlines with little fanfare. Such as the ghost of Maringil that the maid mentioned seeing when running around saying Dobraine was dead. So, here follows an obscure reference from COT, chapter 23, for your reading pleasure:

"Lord Algarin showed me the skin of a large snake he claims came from the Drowned Lands, but I'm convinced it is the same as I observed..." (Nesune talking to Verin, pg 531).

What can we tell from this? Nesune sees the (presumably shedded) skin of a 'snake', that she thinks she has seen before, and wants to discuss with Verin. Where did she see the snake before? And why did she add the qualification "claims"?

Perhaps the snake she saw or thought she saw was in the blight, and not a snake but rather a Jumara, or what Sammael laughingly refers to as a worm. (LOC ch 23) Sammael also said they will never "transform" now, but he isn't exactly Mr. Scientist. Hmm, but a shedded skin, while not conclusive, minds one of the skins left behind before the transformation of butterflies.
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Tamyrlin: 2003-01-25

I am just trying to imagine discussing snake skins for two years! :) But you may be right. Jordan is pointing to an ever more complicated, chaotic world as the DO can influence the world more heavily. Maybe, part of the chaos is similar to that of a ta'veren. I wonder if the DO's existence closer to the pattern can change things like Rand walking through a town and everyone getting married. Maybe Shaidar Haran has been to So Habor and Caemlyn? And maybe the skin is one of this chance events.


WinespringBrother: 2003-01-25

I forgot to mention, Nesune is from Kandor, and she might be very familiar indeed with the inhabitants of the blight.


Graendalboytoy: 2003-02-09

This transformation would result in the "mythical but obviously heard of" dragon? Dragons have been referred to as worms before, and I can't imagine Lews Therin being called The Dragon without someone having some idea of what a dragon was. It seems logical to assume that dragons did exist in one age or another, even if they are just myths now. Just like Trollocs and Fades would have been mythical to an Edmond's Fielder so long ago.


Theron: 2003-02-12

Does anyone have any idea's how it got there. I mean, the drowned lands are a long way from the blight. Maybe in one of those chambers the forsaken were talking about. the ones that stored things without aging. I think they hoped to find angreal and sa'angreal or other artifacts from the age of legends in them...


Great Lord of the Dark: 2003-03-10

Thought that mentionning the 'snake' was a code word for "Verin, we need to talk in private, now!" I imagine the snake skin really did exist, but that they weren't as interested in it as they were in what other matters they had to discuss.


Rand alThor15: 2003-03-12

I just wanted to say something about what Tam said about Shaidar Haran, maybe there is some shadowspawn or darkfriend who is taveren just like rand is for the light...maybe Shaidar is taveren for the shadow.

when rand goes through a city, a lot of people get married and everyone..they're happy..maybe when Shaidar goes through one..their id only death and destruction...and possibly a couple of ghosts like in So Habor.


Anubis: 2003-03-31

yah, but even so, they cant lie, so there is a giant snake skin somewhere...


anderwarrick: 2003-06-06

well, if she was talking in some kind of code, she would still be telling the truth, just not to those who dont know the code. do you know if the 1st oath prevents the Aes Sedai from talking in codes that makes it sound like they're lying?


Callandor: 2003-06-06

Asmodean tells Rand in TFOH, that an Aes Sedai can tell the truth if she herself believes it (and also says that is just ONE of the thousands of loopholes in the oaths), this is proven more in TPOD when Aes Sedai are fooling around with the Oath Rod in the WT.

So codes are a definite possibility, but it could also just be a diversion to get her away from people.


Rand-althor: 2003-06-06

Aes Sedai are by what we have been told, is the exact wording (i believe) is to speak no word that is not true. This means, that as long as the wording of the code was true under the circumstances, then the code would work. If it was false, then the Aes Sedai couldn't use that code on that occasion.


WinespringBrother: 2003-12-09

Crown of Swords CHAPTER:25 - Mindtrap

Moghedien forgot the Myrddraal. She flung out her hands toward the Bore. "Mercy, Great Lord!" She had never noticed that the Great Lord of the Dark possessed any mercy, but had she been bound in a cell with rabid wolves or with a darath in moult, she would have begged the same. In the right circumstances, you begged even for the impossible. The cour'souvra hung in midair, turning slowly, glittering in the light of leaping fires below. "I have served you with all my heart, Great Lord. I beg mercy. I beg! MERCYYYYYYY!"

Perhaps this "darath" is the mysterious transformed Jumara.