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ore bubbles of evil

by WinespringBrother: 2003-01-14 | Not yet rated

Previous Categories: The Dark One's Touch

I believe that the ghosts, weevils and failures of saidar are all increased instances of bubbles of evil.

The original bubbles of evil were attracted to the three ta'veren, and two of them, Mat and Perrin, both saw ghosts or someone nearby saw them.

The failings of saidar could be related to the loss of channeling ability that Alviarin, Moghedien, Graendal, etc. felt in the presence of Shaidar Haran.
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Tamyrlin: 2003-01-14

It could be, although I pegged the failures of saidar as the Black Ajah messing with things. And I thought the weevils and ghosts were widespread but I guess they could be "larger" bubbles that have more lasting effect. Interesting, other comments?


Anubis: 2003-01-14

The dark one is touching the world more and more. and he is the lord of the grave and of vermin. it makes sense that as he becomes more and more free, the pattern in general becomes darker and darker. This is prolly not so much a "bubble" of evil, but a widespread (and less direct) fog of evil.


Captain Cauthon: 2003-01-15

Actually, there were a number of non-ta'veren people who also saw ghosts too, albeit not in so great quantity as in So Harbor. There were sightings in both Cairhein and in that manor house that Elayne visited. Plus, the one that Perrin saw had been going on for a considerable time before he arrived to see it. I don't think any of the other bubbles of evil lasted more than minutes.

The fact that Shaidar Haran seems to project an anti-True Source field would definitely indicate that the Dark One can shut down the Source in a limited area. I'd previously assumed that the failure of the saidar Keepings were the work of Elaida's raiders since it's repeatedly mentioned how they seem to be striking at will amongst Egwene's forces, but the direct work of the Dark One could be an even better explanation.


WinespringBrother: 2003-01-18

There have also been failures of saidar in the wards at the White Tower keeping rats out, as noted by Alviarin. It's unlikely that Elaida's raiders would have caused these failures. They both probably have the same cause.


Underhill: 2003-01-25

It could be that the whole world is in one big bubble of evil. Although I think if that were true then there would be a lot more problems then there are now.


silverwolf: 2003-01-25

The "bubbles of evil" are supposed to affect a limited area over a limited amount of time. If the DO is behind the ghosts, the "fog of evil" seems the most likely explanation. The weevils, rotting, and failing wards are almost certainly the DO's work, but the ghosts seem more remniscient of Shadar Logoth (I'm working on posting a theory on this).


Great Lord of the Dark: 2003-03-05

In the Eye of the World, a Myrrdraal gets face to face with Rand, even though both Moiraine and Lan are in the inn, and are supposed to be able to sense these things at a distance. In The Great Hunt, a Draghkar is warded so that it cannot be felt by Lan or Moiraine until it can get close. Why couldn't the Dark One just ward his pests (rats, weevils, crows, worms, slimy gross things, etc.) so that they can pass through Wardings and Keepings woven with the One Power? Saidar doesn't have to be failing, just jumped-up rats and bugs have started showing up. It would probably require far less effort than to somehow screw with one half of the Power that turns the Wheel of Time. Besides, plagues are a harbinger of the Last Battle, they don't necessarily indicate any more than that Tarmon Gai'don approaches.


WinespringBrother: 2003-03-05

Speaking of "bubbles of evil", as I recall, Moiraine gave these symptoms of evil a title, but I don't recall her ever tying down a specific cause. I am going to look for quotes regarding this, which may lead to a new theory, tentatively titled "Cause or Effect - What's really going on in the Mind of the Shadow". But if anyone has relevant quotes please feel free to post them. Thx.


Callandor: 2003-03-05

As the DO breaks freer and freer his power grows. The bubbles of evil are like bubbles of swamp gas coming up from the bottom of a swamp. They travel along the pattern till they burst. They head toward Rand, Mat, and Perrin because they are ta'veren.


silverwolf: 2003-03-13

Warding individual rats and other creatures to be able to pass through the wardings seems a bit too tedious for the DO. I think it would make more sense for him to target specific areas for a massive ward failure. If he targeted the White Tower, it would explain why the wards in the rebel camp are failing. One of the characters definitely needs to check the warding on the great hold in the Stone of Tear; that would give us a better idea of how widespread the ward failings are.


Shadowkiller: 2003-04-06

Could it be that halima is putting a hole in the wards of keeping in the rebel camp.

Bubbles of evil (miasmas) don't specifically target Ta'veren but burst anywhere in the pattern. They are just more likely to burst near Ta'veren as Ta'veren attract them more than normal people.


anderwarrick: 2003-06-06

maybe, when shaidar hairen(sp?) goes somewhere, since he projects a sort of no OP field kinda thing, that it is more longer lasting than we think. Maybe it affects the one power in that area. so that wards, keepings, etc. are failing, because SH has been there with his anti-OP thing to mess the OP up there so it can't work as well. Maybe the DO is trying to make the OP fail everywhere so that his chosen can just use the TP and fight against weakened channelers.


Callandor: 2003-06-07

That would mean that SH had been to Tar Valon at the end of TPOD or very early WH. And that he had to be in the rebel camp too. SH does project a OP negativity field around himself, but I dont see him being the cause of the ward failings.


Weird Harold: 2003-06-07

I don't think Saidar (or Saidin) are the cause of the "failing" wards -- or at least not the only, or even primary cause.

The simplest explanation is that the vermin are stronger -- "feeding" on the DO's touch -- and not that the Wards are weaker.

Traditional wards are the equivalent of chicken wire fences around a garden, but with stronger vermin they fences need to be reinforced or upgraded to chain link.

Extreme concentrations of vermin infestions and/or ghosts -- a la So Habor -- are probably best attributd to an attentuated "Bubble of Evil" that's true whether ther are any OP wardings to fail in the area or not. (Not, in the case of So Habor.)

Shaidar Haran's OP canceling ability is another interesting possibility -- especially if it's not a consciously controlled effect. It's apparent that the wards in the White Tower against vermin are a "set and forget" weave. Equally apparent is that the AS don't bother to check something they "know" is in place and working -- the wards against vermin have never failed before, therefore they can't fail and don't need monitoring.

Most of the warding problems would go away if they were checked and reset occasionally.