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Theoryland Tour for Premium Memberships

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Begin Your Tour:

Welcome to the Theoryland tour of benefits for premium members. With the redesign and automation of most, if not all, of Theoryland's features, we have added special functions that allow users to view and control their content. That sounds a bit dry for what we believe is a whole new level of interaction for Wheel of Time readers. We have created this tour to empower you, as a prospective members, to view what benefits you will receive by signing up as a premium member and paying our yearly $15 U.S. dollar fee.

We would like to introduce you to the member panel that resides in the upper right hand corner of each page after you log-in.

Member Panel:

Member Section
Under the Member heading, you will find your username and Theoryland rank you have been assigned. For a detailed explanation of rankings see the Theoryland faq.

Privileges Section
Under the Privileges heading you will find links to each of the six premium member benefits. We invite you to click through each of these links to read an explanation of what you will see and receive once you have signed up as a premium member.


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