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  1. Why Stop at 1 DUI?
  2. Any David Coe Readers Here?
  3. More teacher and student sex
  4. baby it COLD outside
  5. Taking cheating to a whole new level
  6. Absolute Silliness
  7. Khaaaaan!!
  8. Public Service Announcement (To Hopper and Dapple Specifically)
  9. Important/Disturbing SCOTUS Ruling...
  10. Cool Stuff in the Inaugural Parade
  11. Adolf Hitler, 2 Sisters removed from home
  12. The Famous Gunfighter!!
  13. Wish Me Luck!
  14. hmmmm
  15. Proof of God?
  16. Reality Sucks, Especially If You've Never Been Exposed To It Before
  17. More people looking for news on the net then in the papers
  18. bsg
  19. Help needed with Project
  20. Zimbabwe unveils the $100 trillion bill
  21. Scary - Iran Will Be Nuclear in 6 months.
  22. Disturbing...
  23. That's PRESIDENT Obama To You...
  24. Morality and Law
  25. Static
  26. Poor Ted Kennedy
  27. Irony...For Ishara :)
  28. Found this game.
  29. Ryuhei Kitamura
  30. Quick request
  31. I signed up
  32. IBC - Excellent Breast Cancer Video
  33. Dark Chapter In Nation's History Over
  34. The New WPA
  35. Is this true?
  36. FOX: Barack and Michelle do WHAT in public?
  37. I haven't killed anyone yet.
  38. Ever See A Bird Smash Into A Window???
  39. for discussion...
  40. Anyone know any assassins?
  41. He's everywhere!
  42. Happy Australia Day!
  43. Theoryland University
  44. Josey Wales Not Impressed
  45. PSA: Its Illegal To Molest Squirrels In Minnesota
  46. Fail: Pope Lifts ExCommunication of Holocaust Denier (Who's a Bishop)
  47. Fantasy Baseball
  48. Legal Question on Property Ownership....
  49. Just more Blago...
  50. Iceland's government collapses
  51. Take A Kid's Cell Phone Away?...That's A Stabbin'!
  52. 93 yo man freezes in home- does this seem right?
  53. Why Won't It End? - "Sarah"PAC
  54. Zing! or how to become an instant internet celebrity
  55. Hi, guys.
  56. Check this out
  57. A WTF blanket for the WTF couch
  58. Thought y'all might like this...especially Terez
  59. A letter of complaint..
  60. And people wonder Texas is obsessed with guns
  61. Sheeple...
  62. Give This Young Man A Hand...
  63. Really cute video
  64. Made-Up Disease of the Day - Oniomania
  65. Bcause THIS
  66. Man loses millions (literally)
  67. Sheeple and precious snowflakes
  68. My Area of Expertise...
  69. LOST: Season Five
  70. Books!
  71. 'taer Birthday...on February 1
  72. Neither ice, nor snow, nor BS
  73. talking dogs
  74. I think theyre wrong.
  75. (Insert Clever Title)
  76. Helmets for Sledding?!?
  77. Heroes: Volume 4
  78. The Universe in a Single Atom
  79. GOP lists "wasteful" stimulus items
  80. Impressive - and unimpressive - politicians so far.
  81. Germany to Pope: "Seriously...Holocaust Was Real...No Fake"
  82. I got this off the white house website yesterday
  83. Kahless Would Be Proud
  84. Obama caps executive pay tied to bailout money
  85. Ever wonder where the fans for the Super Bowl half time show come from?
  86. Interesting Reference Tool...
  87. A New Low?
  88. How Much Would Your Own Death Star Cost?...This Guy Calculated It Out For Us
  89. More on Madoff
  90. Multiple Choice Tests Are A Form of Discrimination???
  91. What Kind of Orgasm Are You Having?
  92. AROD Caught Doping...
  93. I have been permabanned
  94. Daily Effects of Straight Privilege
  95. 8 Monkeys, a Ladder and some Bananas
  96. Victoria Bush Fires 130 dead
  97. Just finished reading Mistborn trilogy...
  98. Wiki editing
  99. bricknfracknbaskinracksin
  100. Hey terez
  101. since the last orgasm thread was a real hit...
  102. Big hand for the RINO's
  103. This made me hungry
  104. Russia Is Weird...
  105. Someone tell me what this Stimulus means
  106. A Trip Down Memory Lane...For Soda.
  107. I'll never understand women
  108. Any photographers here?
  109. 1984
  110. I'm finally fessin' up!!!
  111. some news
  112. Pitchers & Catchers Report!!!
  113. "Possible" Big Medical News
  114. Set your phasers to rawr!
  115. Maths: brain not required
  116. Trivial event I just had to share
  117. What Are You Reading?
  118. So...
  119. Shopping question
  120. Adios, amigos!
  121. Hypothetical
  122. Windows 7
  123. Twin Towers
  124. just been doing a little reading and I kind of like this guy
  125. The Bill of Non-Rights
  126. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  127. Darwin Strikes Again
  128. Heroes 16 feb
  129. Kindle from Amazon
  130. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
  131. I'm beginning to hate GRRM
  132. Interesting legal tid bit
  133. for the baseball fans
  134. Quote for the Day!!!
  135. Simple...And Yet So Brilliant!!!
  136. uh.. yes. Don't wear stripey shirts
  137. Which lives are worth living, and which lives are worth...ahem...not living?
  138. Damn the Man!...Pay In Change
  139. Sir Terry Pratchett
  140. Musings on an entirely different bit
  141. Libertarians
  142. America Runs On Dunkin...This Guy's Car Doesn't
  143. Bikini-brain
  144. It's almost March
  145. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative
  146. Bummer...it's over now
  147. Was Chimp Pet...or Love-Slave?
  148. favorite firearm?
  149. help, I'm stuck!
  150. Scary New Intrusion on Privacy Proposed
  151. Finally - The Move is Over
  152. Tales From The Land Of DVD Rentals...
  153. Free Quizno's subs
  154. Air traffic control stories!!!
  155. Hilldog's First Diplomatic Success!!!
  156. I'm surprised
  157. LF 1 or 2 roommates for Jordan Con (Thursday and other days)
  158. Question about Ladder Theory for the ladies
  159. The State of North Carolina vs. Rev. Diana D.
  160. someone feel bad for me, please
  161. I need your help
  162. Happy Happys to go around
  163. What a way to go!
  164. It's finally Friday.
  165. anyone fish?
  166. Drumming
  167. Dav, you're gonna love this...
  168. I Assume This Guy Was Born Without The Humor Gene...
  169. Interesting Step Towards Decriminization of Marijuana
  170. Mourning Becomes Electra
  171. US mortgages US land through China
  172. Happy Belated Birthday Sare!!!! <3
  173. To all you Northerners
  174. It's Turtles All The Way Down
  175. TL Chat Release Candidate 1
  176. Watchmen
  177. Definition of "Meh"
  178. Carmina Burana
  179. Assisted Suicide- let's debate.
  180. Pop asked me to post
  181. Woo, I get to go to Vienna
  182. McNuggets Emergency
  183. Gay scientists isolate Christian gene
  184. Tax Time
  185. Snow Geese, Pigs, Tourism and Gardening?? - WTF?
  186. WoW is Gaming Cocaine
  187. Ok yeah, I'll admit it
  188. Spring Forward...
  189. Question for you business types
  190. Stimulus Plan question
  191. bsg again
  192. WBC - Grats Netherlands
  193. algebra homework
  194. Joining the legions of the unemployed
  195. Ire, you ain't gonna believe this
  196. And we get 4 more years of this....
  197. legal stuff
  198. Eye for an eye- literally
  199. Ich werde durchfallen.
  200. Sorry Folks, Store's Closed...The Moose Out Front Shoulda Told Ya!
  201. Happy Birthday, Isa.
  202. What if God suddenly disappeared?
  203. Because cleaning out your office email inbox is fun:
  204. Darwin Strikes Again...BTW Gasoline IS flammable.
  205. See, 'taer can go off and not cuss when he has to do it.
  206. I have gas.
  207. ok...lemme in on this...I want a piece!
  208. Stimulus Payments (so true!)
  209. Apparently, Crime DOES Pay
  210. Circles of Air
  211. This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse
  212. A question for you Californians
  213. So...Why Is This News?
  214. The Syfy Channel
  215. Windows Live Messenger 2009
  216. FSM spotted at Apple!
  217. Pretty good new show
  218. Star Wars meets Malaria
  219. Did you wear your green today?
  220. AIG
  221. The Death of Feminism and the GOP
  222. Geek Fights, Nerd Wars!!
  223. Finally a vacation with my bride!!!
  224. your good thoughts and prayers please..
  225. What's The First Rule of Fight Club?
  226. Underwear company to shrink work week to save jobs
  227. Natasha Richardson
  228. Extreme Sheep LED Art
  229. Alice in Wonderland
  230. Like music?
  231. Zelda: the Movie
  232. After a Series of Near Misses, Darwin Strikes!
  233. Super-charged lithium
  234. Sign me up for the DISCO!
  235. Gay marriage redux
  236. When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls
  237. Archive again?
  238. Fine... the list is up and the till is open...
  239. totally useless information that is still sort of cool
  240. Housing Market questions...
  241. ok, who let Ivhon on the bus?!?
  242. Stalking people is fun.
  243. Too bad we can't get this in the states...
  244. Great Malbec I found
  245. Kinda surprised nobody posted this.. Colbert wins NASA contest
  247. Dust of Dreams prologue up on Malazan forums
  248. Yikes...
  249. Spotify and Cooliris
  250. Corrupt a Wish!