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  1. This gives me hope.
  2. What will they do next?
  3. A Dance With Dragons
  4. Mailing Urine Soaked Coins Is Legal....Good To Know
  5. Male monkeys like cars
  6. Kudos to Fargo
  7. Drama at the Rink- I guess I am a Hockey Mom
  8. National League Predictions...
  9. ~Sneeks in back door~
  10. Question for the authors
  11. Trying out my new phone
  12. ~sneaks in side do'~
  13. Tyin it
  14. Speaking of phones, texting, and sex...
  15. It is to laugh...
  16. "Now Witness The Firepower..."
  17. American Teens Are Depressed...
  18. Little help please!
  19. R. I. P. Lorne
  20. Why do I live here!?!?
  21. How dare they?
  22. this is the heart, there's the bladder, and, oh, look, it's some boy bits
  23. Are the barbarians at the gates?
  24. Woman places resurrection clause in guilty plea
  25. Fox cancels Joss Whedon!
  26. Heroes May 30
  27. English language quiz.
  28. Joke thread
  29. Freeman Dyson
  30. Porn bot? Spam? Scam? Nigerian?
  31. The rest of the year is gonna suck...
  32. Iowa strikes down gay marriage ban
  33. Bill lets Moms-to-Be kill to save unborn children
  34. Out of curiosity
  35. Laundry
  36. If you watch...
  37. Lost
  38. Bill O'Reilley pulls "facts" out his ass
  39. Charlton Heston dies
  40. If Salad is an Option, more likely to order fries
  41. Facebook Quizzes
  42. My birthday's in a few weeks, and this is what I want
  43. 1909
  44. When will the neocons stop?
  45. Move Over Nadya!
  46. Interesting Commercial
  47. March Madness is Over
  48. Plane-jacking in Thunder Bay
  49. This is why we need the death penalty
  50. Dr. Frankenstein and the love which dare not speak its name...
  51. Audio version of Eye of World!!
  52. Rules of Bedroom Golf:
  53. Last week for WOT Fundraiser
  54. Happy Birthday Gilshalos!!!
  55. Who are fit to become doctors?
  56. Halp! (German again)
  57. So Your Assignment Was Handed In Late and Plagiarized? That's Okay in Dallas
  58. Iranian witch hunting season
  59. Nerds of the world, meet your fantasy
  60. Just checking
  61. Hurra!
  62. JordanCon 2009
  63. It's legal to own machine guns and grenade launchers
  64. the excuses begin...
  65. Happy Patriots' Day!!!
  66. Lolcats
  67. Should I or shouldn't I?
  68. woah, i'm back
  69. Hey, DT~~~
  70. one victory for freedom
  71. Interrogation and punishment techniques
  72. Filth flarrin filth and flarrin friggin filth!
  73. how to screw with people
  74. The states are turning into Sweden! RUUUN!
  75. Obama Triples Americorps
  76. Heroes 20 april
  77. Happy Earth Day: Drink Organic Booze
  78. Woman Beaten by Homeless Guy...Sues McDonalds???
  79. Who's on Facebook?
  80. Fracking Alarm Company
  81. Seinfeld Thread (the thread about nothing)
  82. Muahahahahaha
  83. Zanguini's Welcome back Quiz
  84. PSA: Don't Mug a WWII Vet...It Ain't Gonna Work
  85. Woman sends Stripper to High School Reunion
  86. CAMEL!!!!!
  87. BELA!!!!!
  88. 'Twas Flagg!!!, 'Twas Flagg, 'TWAS FLAGG!!!
  89. Do they need to change Talladega?
  90. Scientific Breakthrough: Restaurant Food Is Bad For You.
  91. You'll love this.
  92. boneheaded move of the week.
  93. I'm losing it.
  94. Sen. Spector (PA-R) Switching Parties
  95. Reason # 1001 why NOT to believe drive-by MSM
  96. Heroes 27th of April
  97. Help me with Swine Flu
  98. Is There Anything Canadians Can't Do?
  99. Montana Max
  100. Obama is HOPE, and you can too!
  101. What do Elf Eyes See?
  102. Complete Series of Angel at Amazon.com for $56.99
  103. I'm bored :(
  104. Dutch Royals Attacked
  105. Thoughts on aSoIaF (not a rant against GRRM) !!!MASSIVE SPOILERS PRESENT!!!
  106. A very serious question, please!!
  107. Socialism and Sharia Law
  108. Venus Express searching for life on Earth
  109. Bel Tine
  110. Thoughts On "Shoot First" Laws
  111. Party Like it's
  112. You can't wear pants if you want too
  113. A pondering for the day:
  114. Arthurian Legend
  115. Wolverine - Spoilers
  116. Skate Canada
  117. Musings.
  118. What can I say? I got bored.
  119. Have a shot at fame, folks!
  120. Route 66. A historical trip!!
  121. Davian
  122. Zanguini's Star Trek Quiz
  123. '9'
  124. Putin-Watch
  125. Coding help
  126. Quick question
  127. Another of the greats passes away
  128. MacGyver meets SW
  129. Pray. Pray hard.
  130. Sometimes I'm against the death penalty... this ain't one of them.
  131. CA Marijuana Debate
  132. Red Sox & Yankees
  133. They gots him!
  134. Maine legalizes same-sex marriage
  135. The cranes gone!
  136. Mr. Package...
  137. Flies hold Ants at gunpoint... antennae-point
  138. Tyrion is Cast
  139. Took the plunge......
  140. Manny Suspended 50 for PED Use
  141. Man Commits Suicide while watching Watchmen.
  142. Oh yeah...this is gonna be nasty.
  143. Someone showed me this today
  144. This just seems par for the course.
  145. and one more...so I get to say...DUH!
  146. Windows 7
  147. Star Trek Review (No Spoilers)
  148. Might already be a thread, but...
  149. Wolverine, in 30 seconds.
  150. NYC To Charge Rent At Homeless Shelters
  151. 'Shadow of the Colossus' to be made into a movie
  152. back in a few days
  153. Full Destructive Recovery
  154. Man gives birth to twin brother
  155. Best Opening Riffs in Rock and Roll?
  156. Anyone ever heard of this?
  157. Star Trek Review **Spoilers**
  158. Baseball Quiz
  159. It's so gay...
  160. Woo, I didn't fail German!
  161. The UK more capitalist than the US?
  162. Breathalyzer test - Epic Fail
  163. clearly this year's best movie
  164. This song
  165. ACLU sues over patents on breast cancer genes
  166. Who said?
  167. Season Finale of LOST...
  168. Now I know why Barcelona is AWESOME!
  169. George R.R. Martin is not your bitch
  170. Scrubs Finale
  171. I need one of those!
  172. Celtics
  173. which to watch?
  174. Seriously?
  175. Happy B-Day Ozymandias
  176. Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
  177. Casting Thread...and a little help?
  178. Yes we can > Resume military trials
  179. Speaking of Casting
  180. Special Prayer/thought request!!!
  181. Help a girl out with you thoughts please!
  182. anime / manga
  183. WOLVERINE!!!!!!!
  184. Wolfram Alpha
  185. FAIL: Rummy Used Bible Quotes For Iraq War Briefings
  186. A political blog that makes sense
  187. Exes on Facebook?
  188. Workout Songs
  189. What's For Lunch?
  190. to my favorite dame
  191. The Original series of BSG
  192. simple mistake, could have happened to anyone
  193. Making fun of nascar fans and hillbillies
  194. Traffic Quiz
  195. What's that smell?
  196. Appreciate Any Good Thoughts...
  197. How to be an Air Traffic Controller!!!!
  198. Tales From The Matinee (Angels & Demons, Terminator Reviews)
  199. The stupidity of the common thief
  200. Go Green: Breed Miniature Cows
  201. What is discrimination?
  202. Greyhound Bus murderer could actually go free
  203. California high court upholds same-sex ban
  204. Brandon Sanderson's WARBREAKER signed/numbered copies
  205. Obama taps Sotomayer...
  206. little help please.
  207. Whedon-less Buffy movie planned
  208. Davian and camel
  209. Because I was paying attention on Facebook:
  210. Prostate Cancer Harder On Women?
  211. Texas secedes from reality; outlaws lighting designers
  212. I <3 the Onion...
  213. Who was right: Orwell or Huxley?
  214. Lettuce talk baseball.
  215. Duh
  216. North Korea
  217. foolish
  218. For Hopper
  219. For Davian
  220. Job Question
  221. L.E. Modesitt, Jr on "true believers"
  222. Somebody loves LeVar Burton
  223. Meet the fried egg, part II
  224. Air France Plane missing
  225. GM Files for Bankruptcy...and Gets $30 Billion More In Taxpayer Bailout?
  226. Twittering to Prevent Terrorism...
  227. A bit old, but some folks should pause and read this
  228. Previously on Camel's Sucky Life...
  229. Web Novel.
  230. U.S: "Stop Building in Jerusalem" Israel: "F#$* Off!"
  231. Economy and Gay Marriage.
  232. Sister got an A!!
  233. The dash isn't silent!!
  234. David Eddings
  235. Lordy lordy
  236. Work sucks (surprise, surprise)
  237. Random hilarity
  238. RIP Bill (aka David Carradine)
  239. Summer Reading List
  240. Sacreligous?
  241. Advertising and Marketing
  242. Ah, well. Right, then.
  243. Allergic to Cheese
  244. Medical bills prompt more than 60% of bankruptcies
  245. Feeling sad, lonely, depressed? It could always be worse..
  246. South Park meets A Song of Ice and Fire? Oh my.
  247. North Korea
  248. Fantasy: Elves and Dragons -- still fun or time for something new?
  249. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  250. Oh! No! It's the giant lizard!