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  1. Egwene's reasoning about who Mesaana is
  2. I'm still clueless (stupid Demandred)
  3. Leane?
  4. Vanishing Redarms
  5. Another Take on Gawyn
  6. Mesaana Has a New Identity
  7. Brandon Sanderson chat
  8. Lews Therin--Real or Construct?
  9. Can Joline Travel?
  10. 4th Age Podcast and Yours Truly
  11. Twitter Posts: Taim, WH, TP and other stuff
  12. Verin's note, dead Tinkers, and living Tinkers
  13. Will Rand use the True Power to rebuild the Dark One's prison?
  14. after several re-reads
  15. Tying off Gateways
  16. Does Cadsuane have a new Talent?
  17. Doesn't Get Much Closer Than This....
  18. Cadsuane's lesson
  19. The three will become one prophecy
  20. Rand, the TP, and the Pattern
  21. Ebook cover for TGS Released on Tor.com
  22. 2) If you wouldn't mind...
  23. Archiving this Board Soon