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  1. Last call - ask Brandon a question on tor.com
  2. Significant unresolved plot points
  3. Thom Merrilin
  4. How does population and soul creation increase in WOT?
  5. Meta-physical/actual Physical Question: Fun
  6. Stephen Hawking tried to turn WoT into Fact
  7. Rand's (Former) Saidin Dizziness
  8. Getting Back Into It...
  9. Battle timing
  10. TGS/TOM Timeline?
  11. Chapter Icons and POVs
  12. Empress of Seanchan
  13. Egwene's Dream about the nest of eagles
  14. Moiraine's three Eelfinn Wishes
  15. Could Tuon be the third in the callandor circle?
  16. Moridin vs Shaidar Haran
  17. Callandor in an Onyx Fist
  18. Two Dead Men
  19. I thought that cover looked familiar...
  20. That pesky Dreamspike
  21. Wells and Shayol Ghul
  22. Where was Mat?
  23. Dream ter'angreal
  24. It's so obvious now on things are going to play out.
  25. Command Structure of the Army during The Last Battle
  26. First Among Vermin.. about that
  27. Rand's Confrontations at the Last Battle
  28. What to do to Seal the Bore?
  29. Speculation on the ability to channel to be lost
  30. The Fool Who Thought He Was King
  31. Field of Merrilor
  32. Follow Brandon's WoT re-read on Twitter
  33. How Rand is going to get to Shayol Ghul?
  34. 13x13 Convert to the Light
  35. The Dark One's supposed touch on the Pattern
  36. The Consequences of Rand Touching The True Power
  37. Regarding Asmo's killer ;)
  38. I have lots of questions!
  39. Is there too much left to do?
  40. Child Byar
  41. Another Wacky Theory
  42. SLC Sam Weller’s Signing
  43. Recruitment to the Shadow
  44. Theory on Egwene's Dream and Seanchan Woman
  45. Egwene's Dreams Decoded
  46. Ishamael throughout history
  47. Caemlyn's Predicament
  48. Mirrors and Allusion - The Golden Crane
  49. Good Riddance!
  50. Are Faolain and Theodrin Black?
  51. It's hard to get excited about the ending when..
  52. My own crazy theory (in honor of Felix)
  53. A Brilliant Idea
  54. Not-so-hair-brained theory
  55. Occam's Razor and WoT
  56. Rand and Ishamael Fusing Into One
  57. Cadsuane vs Moraine
  58. Rand DOES free the damane.
  59. An alternate theory on the origin of the link
  60. Soo... When's Mat going to get his hair cut?
  61. A question.
  62. The three shall be one
  63. Verin's letter to Mat
  64. Demandred
  65. I don't think Rand will be resurrected
  66. who is androl
  67. Terez vs a Random Troll Part MCXV
  68. The Nynaeve's boat debate - dead at last
  69. A Third Trip to Rhuidean
  70. Will Nynaeve make it to Shayol Ghul???.....ToM SPOILER
  71. The Unearthed Sword
  72. Quo Vadis Logain?
  73. Demandred's plan?
  74. The far-fetched stories of Nalaam?
  75. Give me the Red Ajah
  76. The weeping song.
  77. Titles, truths, and idle speculation...
  78. Why hasn't anyone tried this?
  79. Think any AS might try this loop-hole?
  80. Moiraine and the Eelfin
  81. Verin's hand again?
  82. Backing up Aviendha's revelations
  83. Asha'man POVs...
  84. Narasimha: Divine Rage
  85. Will Alivia kill Moridin?
  86. Time to move it back to General?
  87. ...and the three shall be one
  88. Would you like me to move some of these threads to General?