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  1. Roll Call?????
  2. That time of the year...fresh Non Wot board
  3. New bank laws
  4. Everyone hide! The time is nigh!
  5. A nightmare come true
  6. Best ebook...
  7. Presents
  8. TeaParty.Org Hacked
  9. Captain...There Be Chickens!
  10. Blowing off steam
  11. WoT songs
  12. What is a woman's best friend?
  13. Get a laugh
  14. Cats
  15. Mr. Colbert goes to Washington
  16. More WoT LOLCats
  17. more reasons to question whether to laugh or cry
  18. Happy Birthday!
  19. This is probably getting boring.
  20. Death by Segway
  21. Interesting religion study
  22. Craptops again
  23. Dangit!
  24. European protests against fines for delinquent countries
  25. Possibly The Most Significant Scientific Breakthrough of the 21st Century
  26. Rejoice! The first World War is soon over!
  27. DAVIAN! What is this???
  28. Camel Toads
  29. TARP Bailout Cost Dropped to Less Than $50 Billion
  30. Unless You Pay Annual Fee, This Town's FD Won't Fight Your Fire
  31. This is just AWESOME on sooo many levels.
  32. Thoughts and Prayers please!!!
  33. Congrats to Hopper!
  34. Dutch MP on trail for inciting hatred
  35. She Turned Me Into a Newt!!!
  36. I guess we waited long enough...
  37. Let's try a joke or three. Been a good while.
  38. give at least some blame where it is due...
  39. Mexico is a mess and Rick Perry apparently doesn't know it
  40. Theoryland - The Root For Reading "Misery"?
  41. 5 Scientific Reasons Politicians suck
  42. Redneck Amusement Park
  43. Minecraft - a game
  44. Pledge of allegiance, again
  45. US and Russia, peas in a pod. Wait, what???
  46. Stand by me...
  47. Recent Music Acquisitions
  48. Food, again
  49. Only in Canadia...
  50. xkcd awesomeness
  51. Google is making cars that drive themselves.
  52. Africa is frackin huge
  53. The Event
  54. The homosexual agenda
  55. South Dakota, there's a travesty happening there.
  56. if you aren't cynical enough already
  57. Civ V
  58. on of my other addictions... :)
  59. My brother sucks.
  60. Best Negative Political Ad Ever
  61. The Hobbit is coming...with Peter Jackson
  62. A Book to Buy and Read.
  63. Velociraptor free workplace
  64. I got the pint wrong.
  65. lol
  66. you're doing it wrong
  67. My proof that O'Donnell is Palin 2.0...
  68. Look what the cat dragged in...
  70. Cigars!
  71. if you're looking for ideas
  72. Tamland
  73. Why Lowering the Marginal Tax Rate So Much Was Bad
  74. How you will vote in the midterm elections
  75. A-Rod at the Bat
  76. More Lucas Screwiness?
  77. so...do you guys chat anymore?
  78. Euro-Roadtrip Christmas 2010
  79. Most Positive Political Ad Of The Year
  80. What's y'all's take on the whole anti-gay school bullying thing?
  81. won't be around for a while.
  82. Have y'all seen this?
  83. I need some well wishes and prayers
  84. Weekend plans
  85. WoT things you have created in Minecraft
  86. The United States of Movies
  87. Rare Earth Minerals and the News Media
  88. Muslim on a plane
  89. Funny Story on Fast Food
  90. Happy AlexFest Weekend, Everybody
  91. How young is too young?
  92. 2nd Amendment
  93. Brita...
  94. A month of hell, but I love it
  95. Hey, guys.
  96. Tea Party Ignores Judge's Order on Voting
  97. Stars that can't sing!!
  98. Election Results
  99. No One From San Francisco
  100. 7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable
  101. Conan
  102. Voting for US Gov't Programs Saving Money
  103. US government
  104. Something nice.
  105. more horrible parents
  106. Boehner Calls for Hiring & Wage Freeze for Federal Workers
  107. He vented his spleen...
  108. E-Book Readers
  109. Blind Guardian
  110. Im so conflicted....
  111. Hepl!!!1!
  112. Fun game, if you like trying to best yourself in time sinks.
  113. If Foxnews Had Been Around In the 60s
  114. For T
  115. Is DHS fostering Child Porn?
  116. so THAT's where it comes from...
  117. The truth about what motivates us
  118. GOP-Led Arizona Institutes Death Panels
  119. Well, well, well...
  120. Harry Potter Countdown!!!
  121. Is it a synagogue? Is it a mosque? No, it ...
  122. A special event
  123. College teacher pwns students with statistics
  124. Snuggie has officially crossed the line
  126. Fetus' fate left to online poll.
  127. Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  128. Food Thread (Its been a while)
  129. Man Bear Pig!
  130. Here's a "redneck" thing for you then I'm off to beddy-bye!!!
  131. Help!! I need an address Tam!!!
  132. A Whedon-less Buffy reboot???
  133. The Pope speaks out on condom use
  134. Airport Screening - A Practical Approach.
  135. US forces Heading to South Korea
  136. Towers of Midnight...no spoilers just an observation
  137. Scientific proof that boobs are good.
  138. Happy birthday!
  139. going to Charleston
  140. Old goats
  141. I am serious, and don't call me Shirley
  142. Try To Bomb Us...We'll Torch Your Mosque
  143. Random Thread
  144. Arithmetic, Population and Energy
  145. Political, but damn funny
  146. Car bombs in Iran
  147. Is it joke time? Not just mine, post one of yours.
  148. Atmospheric game for us old timers: Defcon
  149. Have a mortgage?
  150. Now this is just freakin cool!
  151. Transformers (the old stuff)
  152. WoT music video
  153. Another WoT-based Suvudu cage match
  154. okay, if the US did this, all i have to say is bravo!
  155. Who wants a Grilled Cheese from Five Guys?
  156. Pigford
  157. Red card!
  158. De Facto citizens?
  159. Wikileaks, NATO and Russia
  160. Merry Christmas Frenzy! ~~runs~~
  161. GOP Blocks 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill
  162. let's go back to the event for a moment..
  163. Darkwulf
  164. Healthcare Costs Just Shot Up Big Time
  165. Hometown Glory
  166. F@*#@ The Yankees!!!
  167. NEEEEEEEERDS!!!!!!
  168. something different
  169. Please take me away from Bizzarro-world...
  170. Frenzy's birthday thread (to tunes of the imperial march)
  171. RIP - Bob Feller
  172. Congrats, SBC!
  173. Christmas Cards
  174. Help needed. Rather urgent at that.
  175. Congratulations, Zan!!!
  176. About Damn Time...
  177. Food Thread...Winter Holiday Version
  178. Angry squirrel
  179. Can anyone spare a thought?
  180. Update: 911 Responders Bill.
  181. Joe Miller: D-Bag Extraordinaire
  182. It's about time.
  183. why i like my job
  184. A very Zombie Holiday!
  185. Pat Robertson Supports Legalized Pot...Hallelujah!
  186. Inviting vampires in
  187. This is the first Christmas I've ever had to work...
  188. If you ever wanted to know what seperates conservates from conservatives
  189. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  190. new ereader thread
  191. Happy Birthday Anaiya!!!
  192. Are you ready for Tuesday night football? And other things...
  193. What's with the 53 moderators?
  194. Gotta love opinion journalism
  195. Dragon Age Origins
  196. Detroit Or Apocalyptic Zombie Wasteland?
  197. Your thoughts and prayers please
  198. How is this legal?
  199. Twice dawns the day ...
  200. Oops...
  201. When Political Correctness Goes Too Far
  202. Middle School Integrated learning
  203. so apparently Gonzo is...
  204. Vaccine/Autism Study Was Elaborate Hoax
  205. Ohh Nick Cage how you have fallen.
  206. UP????
  207. The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller
  208. ...
  209. Arizona Congresswoman Shot
  210. Yankees, prepare to LYAO
  211. Parenting: Strength vs. Fragility
  212. Band of Brothers and our WWII Vets
  213. Hammer comes down
  214. Biodomes
  215. Misconceptions
  216. Cuke Saver..(Sorry Dark Mother)
  217. Resisting tyranny
  218. Tea Party Pushes for 'Separate But Equal' Schooling? Shocking
  219. Glock Sales Surge After Sales Demonstration
  220. Sarah Palin makes me want to vomit
  221. Sarah Strikes Back
  222. Happy Birthday, YKS!
  223. Another Christmas Story
  224. Okay, this is getting annoying.
  225. A comprehensive look at tax hikes from the healthcare initiative
  226. Tragic-hero of Australia
  227. Tea patyer shoots three in CA
  228. The husband store
  230. Little Gimp 3#
  231. Ok Freaks - JordanCon?
  232. Update on brother-in-laws transplant.
  233. Happy meals and San Francisco
  234. wanna hear the reason i havent finished TOM yet?
  235. GO PACK GO!
  236. violent video games
  237. Happy 20th Anniversary Dark Mother!!!
  238. Move Along Citizen, Nothing To See Here.
  239. Protests Break Out In Egypt
  240. Happy Australia Day!
  241. Change in Signature!!!
  242. The Game They Play in Heaven
  243. Who woulda thought?
  244. Over $300 ticket for swearing in a high school class
  245. Patriotic Tea Party Proposes Huge Cuts to Veteran Benefits
  246. A Nerd Army
  247. A monday like any other
  248. Health Care Law deemed Unconstitutional by Florida Judge.
  249. Preemptive Strike
  250. Sei'taer