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  1. Varieties of Evil
  2. Who carried who? Isn't it obvious?
  3. I'm done
  4. AMoL ebook corrections
  5. Rand vs DO, the oval ring, AS "composure", and a missed opportunity...
  6. The 11 words that *almost* redeemed Galad for me (spoliers, obviously)
  7. My first theory The Dark One Wants to Lose.
  8. Who deserves a glorious death?
  9. New Topic
  10. Lews Therin
  11. Entering Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh
  12. Battle at Merrilor and the Battle of Tours
  13. Something I just realized about AMoL that totally blew my mind
  14. Androl's mini-Gateway
  15. Asha'man in Illian
  16. Slayer and the 'Finns
  17. The almost Gaishain
  18. Unfettered-river of Souls
  19. Attempt at a new discussion - Rand's pipe
  20. A theory, but not sure how accurate it is.
  21. Slayer and Navajo Skinwalkers
  22. Waygate Foundation Auction
  23. Was Lanfear right about challenging the DO and the Creator ?
  24. Moving On
  25. Theory about end of Memory of Light (spoilers)
  26. Min's Viewing of Tuon
  27. Bryne's dreams
  28. What the Hell is with Callandor?
  29. This time, I was raised better.
  30. Caemlyn Waygate
  31. How did she get there?
  32. Aginor
  33. Tenobia
  34. Olver is obvious
  35. Waygate Foundation Update for November
  36. Hunting the Dragon Reborn
  37. sort of an obscure question
  38. One thing I really would have liked,
  39. Ogier
  40. Parallel Worlds
  41. Who is Rand?
  42. The Stone
  43. Sad
  44. Nominating the Wheel of Time / A memory of Light for a Hugo ;)
  45. Jain Farstrider
  46. The One Power as a Magic System.
  47. Still my favorite part of the series!
  48. Is the whole White Tower system based on bullying?
  49. The Link Between Moridin and Rand
  50. The nature of evil.
  51. Geography
  52. Good Things About the One Power
  54. Ta'veren Bonding
  55. The Dark One's Pla
  56. Latest from Waygate Foundation: Live from JordanCon
  57. myrdraal.
  58. "Notes on books 2 through 6" by Robert Jordan.
  59. Where was Min?
  60. After finishing my second full reread of the series;
  61. Was Bode being prepared as Egwene 2.0?
  62. Favorite and Most Hated
  63. Felix
  64. RJ's notes
  65. Wheel of time can win a hugo and you can get wot books for cheap :)
  66. Random Question
  67. New Faction
  68. Random re-read thought
  69. Those Who Fight
  70. true power
  71. Werthead's WoT Report from WorldCon
  72. My World Con report