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10-13-2008, 07:43 AM
Monday Monday - Be good to me!

Yep, TK'ers, Spidy here with the scoop. Not aa double twin scoop mint choc cone, but the 'real' thing, the official "GL" approved poetry comp has started. Weiramon was whining that no "culture" was coming forth from the bowels of Shayol Ghul, so the Great Lord, most likely to get Weiramon to shut up, enacted aa decree for the 1st Annual SG Poetry Comp.

"What aa fantastic idea", opined Grulp, Refuse Bearer from Thak'andar Refuse Services, who just happened to be on hand. Bit of a scoop that ( Rocky Road, with a splash of Rum'n'Raisan), don't normally get aa chance to interview TRS staff given the normal glut of Gray dudes/dudesses/ Myyrddraal/Dragkar thingy'ys that happen to be about.

Well, considering the equal opportunity newspaper we are, (are we or are we not Uno, I can't remember) here is the first entry, from Grulp himself.

"Uhmm, heard this tune when I was young, here are my words" said Grulp in his own indomitable fashion.

Out in the west Tairen town of El Paso, I fell in love with aa myrrddraal girl!

Daylight would find me in Slinky's cantina, music would play and Shaleanea would whirl.

One night aa wild young Saldean came in. Wild as the west Tairen wind, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooouuu!! ( Don't know how to spell that, Ed)

Dashing and daring, the "TP" he was wearing, with wicked Shaleanea, the girl that I loved.

So in anger, I challenged the Stranger to aa duel with the blades's. Down went the stranger with a "Swallow takes flight".

The last sentence was not part of any original song, it just came out that way and to me sounded right.

The Thirteen of of Theoryland, the Chosen they say, off to ISTW with the thrill of the flame, eeeeeeoooooouuuuii (still don't know how to spell this and if I remember doesn't fit where the song does it but anyway, ED).

Has not been aa flame war, aa flame war, aa flame war.

Time to get out the flamethrower of yore. (Can't spell this either, ED)

However, we have to remember we just but mortals. Don't have a house at Thak'andar.

We have to just wait the comin of the Great Lord, Dragons and Hornsounders can just walk out the door.

Where is Shaeleana, Ilyena, Shaeleana?

I don't not know for now, or for ever any more!

"Uhmm, can't remebr any more of the song, and anyway there are beheaded sword soul bodies to collect so off I go to work, bye now".

And with that the first poem of the comp was spoken, in simple lines, in simple phrases. Can Grulp be betean?

Where next for the SG Gazette? Will there be more poems from Thak'andar? As always, when you know, I know.

(Hey Spidy, for some reason we didn't know the answer to those questions that the readers were going to ask themselves, crikey we are slipping. SpidySense running amok. XXXX needed. Banana Lounge alert. Is the banana lounge the equivalent of the stedding. Ack, I hope not. SG Gazette Sub-editing crew.)

10-13-2008, 07:57 AM
Is Grulp one of those construct thingies like the guys that make the swords?

*gives Spidy XXXX*

Hildegard of Bingen says beer is good for you.

10-14-2008, 07:25 AM
Yo Terez,

The Shayol Ghul Gazette is published by the Shayol Ghul Gazette staff. How can the Thak'andar faithful know a new column is available when they look on the Theoryland MessageBoard and see Gazette posts with Terez attached as an author. Something not ringing true.

Ferid Hel
Senior Roving Guest Reporter

10-14-2008, 07:26 AM
I think they all know you write it.

See, now you have to post again! :D

10-14-2008, 07:47 AM
Grrrrr. Been to Thak'andar lately?? Ask the natives.

10-14-2008, 11:04 AM
In the town where I was born

Lived a man, who sailed to sea.

And he told me of his life

In a land of Dragkarese.

We all live in the shadow of SG

Shadow of SG

We all live in the shadow of SG

Shadow of SG, Shadow of SG

06-29-2011, 10:20 AM
To all the Noobs we've known before
To all the Ancients of yesteryore
To all the posters late
There’s a theory to be made post-haste
To all the posters we can love so much more

To the Great Moridin-X
To Callandor, the Wot Logic T-Rex
Your candles burned out soon
But we still have the Moon
And we now we have “Terez –X”

To Tam and all the Chosen Ones
In elder days we had such fun
Its up to us to know
Keep forging Wot HCFF fro
To all of us (et al) lets go

To make 'the End'
'The End' of all Ends

But also a Beginning!

07-09-2011, 08:15 AM
Rand and LT were having a fight,
it was a most gruesome and horrible sight.
Weaves were a'flying on the run,
one of them even blew up the sun.

not enough beer in my system yet to come up with anything better