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01-09-2009, 07:30 AM
“Doop!” said DragonTheif.

“An embellishment of do-be-doo-be-do-be-doo-be-doo, you know the penguin song?. Penguins?” piped up Grulch, the new intern on the comic section, the whole team being yet to submit even one drawing to the Editor’s office, ever.

“Doop! I said!” DT intoned again. “If you can’t understand what I am saying then I will slow it down for you. D0-000-00-00p!”

“Unfair!” whined Cliffy. Cliffy was a wannabe Roving Reporter, but ever since the cookpot episode he never wanted to go out in the field with fellow Trollocs again.
“Why?” a weary Theif asked.

“Cause there are zero’s in that D00P, not O’s, so how are we supposed to get the hang of this common tongue when you are combining letters and numbers at the same time” replied Cliff.
“Shut up and listen or we will be going forever!” shot back DT, subconsciously acknowledging the truth of Cliff’s observation but unwilling to make a public recognition of it. After all, Uno never acknowledged any up and coming Gazette employee, so DT wouldn’t either.

Ever since Spidy decided that training newbie’s was yesterday’s job, DT had been lumped with all the possibles for the SG Gazette but getting them to the level where they could be positive contributors was not an easy task. The SG Gazette is and had always been a nuance paper, targeted to the Thakandar faithful, and not everyone was cut out to be on the staff.

Once on the staff, you never left (except for balefire of course but the last time that happened was when Lizard-Breath popped his head up over a stone at Aridhol to see the Rand v Sammy battle and had his head swiped by a stream of BF and pop went the weasel), so a permanent position at the Gazette remains one of the key positions on the DO communications department, a first team position. Can’t go giving these positions away willy nilly. Uno may be the Boss but there is always someone higher and in this instance the DO was as high as you get. Couldn’t let the big fella down.

“Ok, listen up!” cracked DT. “To understand what the Thakandar faithful want, you need to get down to the TL messageboards at Vbulletin and see what is transpiring. I have it on good authority that a hamster rebellion has recently put the boards in all sorts of trouble and they have only just got back on-line. Must have been a bubble of evil cropping up from the ISTW days but who cares, as long as havoc reigned, so does the DO!”

And with that the class of 2009 scurried/blinked/linked/flew/snarled (and whatever GrayMen do when they move) off to the TL MB.
“Phew” whispered an exasperated Theif, “finally got rid of the buggers.” DT mused for a while and said aloud to himself like all mad people do.“Wish Frenzy would lend a hand with these newbie’s. What’s a poor DT to do? Thousands of wannabe Gazetteers, too much for one DT to handle. Maybe MoonShadow might lend a hand. Prof Snow, he could help with writing examinations and such. Stuff it, let’s have a beer like Spidy does and leave it to Uno to sort out.”

And with that, DT wandered off to watch the latest episode of He-Man and the Masters of the 112th Universe. Quite handy having a Portal Stone smack bang in the middle of the SG Gazette staff lounge. You could watch any episode of any TV show ever, even the endings the writers never even thought about writing. Only problem was the flickering which made it feel like an episode of the Simpsons and the Japanese Seizure Robots. “Hmmm,” thought DT, “there could be something in that.”

Gilshalos Sedai
01-12-2009, 01:01 PM
hehehehe, too funny.