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02-27-2009, 09:21 AM
Ydips - Retroper Evigitsevni Feihc

What do you get when you stare in the mirror for too long? Read on and find out.

Bloody hard work that, writing so that mirror peeps can see what they thought they could read in a mirror format what they probably can't read anyway.

What relevance does this have to today’s article, YLETULOSBA GNIHTON.

Now we have to explain why the mirror format in the first place, (or in fact we actually don’t, Ed).

Regardless of the above, the DO would like all Thakandar faithful to know that HE, the DO frowns upon any and all peeps taking the place of others without bona fide reasons for doing so, like Nae’blis for example. The DO is sick and tired of this and has called anathaema of anathama type anathaemics. Uhm, this thought is too hard to progress so I am gonna do the other Gress and Di for a moment.
(SPIDY what the hell are you on about!! Get a grip!! Ed)

(Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, Uhm, maybe I’ll have to. Ok, back on the banana lounge now.)

As such it has been a very slow few months at the SG Gazette and now we know the reason why. The esteemed Editor has been appointed to the common position in the so-called “Real World”, Assistant something or rather Professor of something more rather than somethingness. It appears that he has been practicing his poses, or proses, or proposes, stuff it I don't know what he has done, this is all second hand to me.

We at the SG Gazette knew he was out their preparing the way for the DO but little did we know that the future was upon us. Little indoctrinated Dreadlords spewing out of the University like “Spam” is just what the DO ordered and now we have a man on the inside, fulfilling the dream, making sure the Blighted Light will never win.

Now with all good news comes the balancing bad news. I am reliably informed that from yesterday, not today or tomorrow, all ladders have been confiscated. Something to do with a miscreant Dragon Theif going around stealing them from the local hardware shops on the off chance there are women at Colleges and Univeristies that have yet to decide where upon the ladder and I suppose upon which ladder they are on for the selection of potential friends/mates or in Oz we say mates/friends/sheila’s. I'm currently checking out a chick on the extension ladder, lovely view.

All I can say is that in all the Ladder training I have been involved in over the years, remember at all times, three (3) points of contact. You be the judge of that. Upside down Miss Jane.

The SG Gazette wholeheartedly, at least until the next Myrrddaal sword is ready for the making, wishes Uno the best in his Professor ship, ProfessorShip, oh well, something along those lines.

Hipip DO, Hippip DO, Hippip DO. Yeaaaayyyy.

Next Edition?
Why move in the first place? In depth with “Tam”, Lord “O” the Board.

02-28-2009, 01:10 AM
Fine and good, but I'll remind everyone that while we're pretty sure the DO will win, we're ready to switch sides to save our own skins the moment we sense the tide turning.

In light of these kind words of congratulation, I'm doubling the benefits of all the Gazette's employees.

02-28-2009, 04:55 AM
you missed a "t" and an "a"

03-03-2009, 08:41 PM
You're allowed to miss a couple of t's and a's after you've dined exclusively on XXXX's, so there.

03-03-2009, 09:08 PM
You're allowed to miss a couple of t's and a's after you've dined exclusively on XXXX's, so there.
So what's your excuse?

John Snow
03-18-2009, 12:19 PM
So what's your excuse?

it's, so what are you smoking?

(answer: everything that doesn't smoke him first)