View Full Version : Behold! A chat room!

07-31-2009, 02:55 PM
The Lord Dragon has broken the seals that have prevented us from communicating. The Prophecies say that the Lord Dragon will break all chains that bind, and it is so. The Lord Dragon's radiance will protect us against the Shadow.

There is justice in the hereafter, when we are born again. Concern with things of this world is useless. But very well. If you wish for a chat room, the Lord Dragon has spoken: a new chat room shall be created!

Henceforth, Camel shall be the master builder and architect of the chat room and shall have complete dominion over the construction of this magnificant palace of communication. Only those truly blessed in the Light shall gain access, for those who blaspheme the Lord Dragon shall be banished from our sight!

The Lord Dragon hath spoken through I, the Prophet of the Dragon, and has blessed the People of the Dragon with chat!

Let it be so.

The Lord Dragon has been Reborn. The Shadow hangs over the world, and only the Lord Dragon can save us. Only belief in the Lord Dragon, submission and...

...Ah, but chat is nice, too.

All praise to the Lord Dragon, who has been Reborn according to the Prophecies!