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09-11-2009, 06:39 AM
"I tell you its a conspiracy!" whispered Theif, (as well as you can whisper when an author puts an exclamation mark at the end of the whisper).

"How so?" mumbled Uno, idly gathering his credentials from the floor from the latest Narg tornado that had violated his office. (Narg had been set on a prank against Uno by none other than Gonzo the Great who had tricked Narg into believing that greatness came from the fact that you can do anything, at anytime. Narg had believed it totally and when Gonzo suggested that a tornado in Uno's office would show how energenetic (pun intented, Prof Snow, Ed) and eager for work Narg was, and that Uno would bestow upon him a new task full of importance and grandeur and all that, Narg had immediately done just that and unfortunately now was cleaning out DT's sheep pen from a decade of bowel movements).

"Chapter 1 of A Gathering Storm out and Tamyrin has created a new forum and there's only three threads!" intoned DT to the best intoning he had ever done (DT's intoning had improved out of sight since he had been to "Intoning for up and coming Intoners", a course run at Far Maddening Intoning University and part of the staff education plan Uno had enacted instead of the health and dental everyone at the Gazette had actually asked for. Intoning 201 was just around the corner for DT).

"Three threads! Three threads! Threeeeeeee THREADS!" shouted Uno. "What is going on with the world? What is going on with the world? What is going on with the world!"

"Uhm, Uno, you said that three times" meekly said DT, ears a ringing from Uno's shouting.


"Perhaps its time for the Greeters to stop from only greeting and actively start chasing up the HOTH's, the Ancients and the Elders," piped up Tam from the corridor, flashing by as he usually did for his custom gold-lettered edition of the SG Gazette. "Perhaps, perhaps?" carried on Tam as he disappeared down a link to TL (for those who are querying why Tam doesn't get home delivery as the creator of TL, even Tam doesn't get delivery priveliges for the Gazette, another Uno cost reduction initiative which meant delivery for Tamyrlin never had a chance of being implemented).

Rummaging around for his pipe, Uno thoughtfully considered Tam's suggestion. And considered and considered..... and considered.................