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10-28-2009, 12:14 AM
So - noticed yesterday that it would be very useful for Brandon to have an Old Tongue cheat sheet during signings. A full list of variations we can think of which we can convert into a printable pdf for him.

Ideas? I'm not big on the Old Tongue.

10-28-2009, 12:24 AM
Ummm... variations on what? I'm confused.

10-28-2009, 06:26 AM
I found a couple dictionaries online yesterday for that very purpose Tam. I'm going to try to put something together later this week. I'd do it earlier, but exam tonight and some small book waiting for me at home.

10-28-2009, 06:52 AM
This might help. I found it somewhere (probably following a link supplied by Terez):


Aan'allein = One Man, Man Alone, Man Who Is an Entire People
Aes Sedai = Servants of All
Aethan Dor = Red Shields
Aginor = ???? (a Forsaken)
Aiel = The Dedicated
ajah = ????
alantin = brother
Al'cair Dal = The Golden Bowl
Al'cair'rahienallen = Hill of the Golden Dawn
aldieb = West Wind
algai'd'siswai = fighters of the spear --- spear fighters
algode = white cloth, softer than any wool, made from a plant
angreal = an item used to increase the amount of the One Power
aran'gar = right-handed dagger
asa = a lady lover, may become his wife
Asha'man = gaurdian or defender of justice and right
ashandarei = a spear with the blade of a sword
Asmodean = ???? (a Forsaken)
Atha'an Miere = Sea Folk
Avendesora = Tree of Life
Avendoraldera = a sapling of Avendesora
a'vron = watchers


Ba'alzamon = Heart of the Dark
bajad drovja = a crude curse
Balthamel = ???? (a Forsaken)
Be'lal = ???? (a Forsaken)


cadin'sor = working clothes
Callandor=The Sword That Is Not a Sword,The Sword That Cannot Be Touched
Car'a'carn = Chief of chiefs
chalinda = sweet girl
choss = garbage or debris that needs to be hauled away
con = small banners on short staffs used to signify nobility
conje = a type of needle
Cor Darei = Night Spear
Corenne = The Return
cour'souvra = mindtrap
cuande = a material used in making binding straps
cuendillar = heartstone
cueran = a smooth, white material used in sterile conditions


da'covale = person who is owned
Daes Dae'mar = The Game of Houses, The Great Game
daien = a type of dancer
Dai Shan = Diademed Battle Lord
daishar = glory
damane = leashed one
darath = a very fierce animal that moults
da'shain = those dedicated only to the Dragon
da'tsang = despised one
Demandred = ???? (a Forsaken)
Der'sul'dam = used to address a holder of the leash.
Do Miere A'vron = Watchers Over the Waves
dornat = an animal used in hunting
dovienya = luck
Duadhe Mahdi'in = Water Seeker



faile = falcon
Far Aldazar Din = Brothers of the Eagle
Far Dareis Mai = Maidens of the Spear


Gaidin = Brothers to Battle
gai'shain = those sworn to peace in battle
gara = a poisonous lizard
gholam = human-like creatures immune to the One Power
Graendal = ???? (a Forsaken)
grolm = large green three-eyed creature with triangular head


Hailene = Those Who Come Before --- The Forerunners
Hama N'dore = Mountain Dancers


Ishamael = Betrayer of Hope (a Forsaken)


Jeade'en = True Finder
jegal = an animal with many scales
Jenn Aiel = The Truly Dedicated --- The Only Truly Dedicated
ji'e'toh = honor and obligation


kaf = a dark, bitter drink (coffee?)
kjasic = ???? (an adjective curse)


Lanfear = Lady of the Night (a Forsaken) lopar = beast with retractable claws trainned as bodygauerds


Machin Shin = Black Wind
Magami = Little Uncle
Mahdi = Seeker
mandarb = blade
Manetherendrelle = Waters of the Mountain Home
marath'damane = those who must be leashed
mashiara = lost love, beloved of heart and soul
Ma'vron = The Watchers
mera'din = brotherless
Mesaana = ???? (a Forsaken)
m'hael = leader
mia'cova = one who owns me --- my owner
(M/m)oghedien = a very poisonous spider (a Forsaken)
(M/m)oridin = death
motai = a kind of grub


Nae'blis = the one who stands only a step bellow the Dark One
nar'baha = ???? (a fool box?)


oosquai = a very strong alcoholic drink
ordeith = wormwood
osan'gar = left-handed dagger


pecara = a wrinkled nut



Rahvin = ???? (a Forsaken)
Rhyagelle = Those Who Come Home --- Homecomers


sa'angreal = an item used to greatly increase the amount of the One Power that can safely be wielded
saidar = female half of the One Power
saidin = Male half of the One Power
Sammael = Destroyer of Hope (a Forsaken)
sa'sara = a scandalous Saldeaen dance
segade = a fat, leafless, leathery, spiny plant (cactus?)
Seia Doon = Black Eyes
Sei'cair = ???? (title given to Perrin Aybarra)
Semirhage = ???? (a Forsaken)
serenla = stubborn daughter
Shae'en M'taal = Stone Dogs
Shaidar Haran = Hand of the Dark
Shadar Logoth = Where the Shadow Waits
Shaiel = Woman Who Is Dedicated
Shai'tan = the Dark One
Sha'mad Conde = Thunder Walkers
shambayan = male caretaker of a large building such as a keep
shatayan = female caretaker of a large building such as a keep
Sh'boan = an empress of sorts
Sh'botay = an emporer of sorts
Shen an Calhar = Band of the Red Hand
shoufa = a wide gray-brown scarf with a black veil
siswai'aman = Spears of the Dragon--Spears Owned by the Dragon
sofar = a steerable object that can be unpredictable when hot
sorda = a sly, good-for-nothing rat
Sovin Nai = Knife Hand
s'redit = elephant
staera =a slim, curved piece of bronze used for scrapping
stedding = a place of rest
suldam = holder of the leash --- leash holder
sursa = thin, paired sticks used for eating (chop sticks)


tai'daishar = lord of glory
Tain Shari = True Bloods
tai'shar = true blood
ta'maral'ailen = Web of Destiny
Tarmon Gai'don = The Last Battle
ta'veren = one around whom the Pattern is centered
tcheran = a board game similar to chess
Tel'aran'rhiod = The World of Dreams --- The Unseen World
ter'angreal = an item that uses the One Power
tia avende alantin = Brother to the Trees --- Treebrother
tsag = ???? (an obscenity or curse)
Tuatha'an = The Traveling People






zemai = a plant that can be eaten

"Sayings" in the Old Tongue

"Suravye ninto manshima taishite." = "Peace favor your sword."

"Kiserai ti Wansho." = "Glory to the Builders."

"Kiserai ti Wansho hei." = "Always glory to the Builders."

"Tsingu ma choba." = (unclear) "I am unworthy of you honoring me."(see next one)

"Tsingu ma choshih, T'ingshen." = "You honor me, Treebrother."

"Ninte calichniye no domashita, Agelmar Dai Shan." = "Your welcome warms me, Lord Agelmar."

"Kodome calichniye ga ni Aes Sedai hei." = "Here is always a welcome for Aes Sedai."

"Deyeniye, dyu ninte concion ca'lyet ye." = "Majesty, by your summons do I come."

"Nosane iro gavane domorakoshi, Diynen'd'ma'purvene?" =
"Speak we what language, Sounder of the Horn?"
"What language do we speak, Hornsounder?"

"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain." = "It's time to toss the dice."

"Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya." = "Luck is a horse to ride like any other."

"Sa souvraya niende misain ye." = "I am lost in my own mind."

"Carai an Caldazar! Al Caldazar!" = "For the honor of the Red Eagle! For the Red Eagle!"

"Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande! Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar! Al Ellisande!" = ???? A battle cry of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars,possibly for the Queen, Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan

"Los! Los caba'drin!" = "Forward! Forward horsemen!"

"Mia dovienya nesodhin soende." = "My luck ??????????????????"

"Muad'drin tia dar allende caba'drin rhadiem!" = "Footmen prepare to pass cavalry forward!"

"Los Valdar Curbiyari! Los!" = "Forward the Heart Guard! Forward!"

"Mia ayende, Aes Sedai! Caballein misain ye! Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye! Mia ayende!" = "I am a free man, Aes Sedai! I am no Aes Sedai meat!"

"Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin." = "The grave is no bar to my call."

10-28-2009, 11:41 AM
Tam, you may wanna check your own websitefor links:
theoryland.com --> links --> RJ's World --> The Old Tongue Dictionary (http://www.angelfire.com/tx/jcs97b/otd.html)

It looks like a more up-to-date version of what Gonzo gave.

10-29-2009, 08:24 PM
As for your link Sare.

Answers to a couple of FAQs...
1) No, you may not copy the OTD or the English-OT dictionary onto your website, even if you leave it unchanged and give me credit for it. I do not want copies of the OTD floating around on the internet. I want only one, and I want it to stay right where it is. If I find a copy of the OTD on someone else's page, I *will* contact their administrator about it. I spent more hours than I want to remember getting this thing into its present state. It would have been many more hours, except for the generous help of a whole slew of people. I don't want that to go in vain just because someone wants a free copy to put up on their page. Please don't do it.

2) Yes, you may link to the OTD. Please do, in fact. I would be honored. I would appreciate it if you would drop me an email telling me you are doing so, and giving me the address to your page so I can see it. This is, however, optional.


Maybe Tam can email him and check if it's okay to build upon his work. It's only updated up to Winter's Heart. Then again, there ought to be a newer one already made since there are so many WoT freaks out there.

That said. I went ahead and made a pdf of that dictionary before I read that FAQ linky of his...

10-29-2009, 08:28 PM
I don't understand why he has a problem with people hosting so long as he's given credit for it. I understand wanting credit for long hours of work - I'm quite sure I spent at least 20x as long working on the interview database as this guy spent on his Old Tongue dictionary - but I don't care if someone else hosts it so long as they don't pretend they did the work. Why would I care?

10-30-2009, 11:19 AM
As for your link Sare.
Tam was asking for ideas, I gave him one. :)

Dragon Thief
10-31-2009, 12:13 AM
I don't understand why he has a problem with people hosting so long as he's given credit for it. I understand wanting credit for long hours of work - I'm quite sure I spent at least 20x as long working on the interview database as this guy spent on his Old Tongue dictionary - but I don't care if someone else hosts it so long as they don't pretend they did the work. Why would I care?

It's an outdated model that you can actually own an idea combined with our entitlement society. Add em together and you have the farce copyright has become today (as opposed to what it was actually meant for, the promotion of the arts & sciences).