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11-17-2009, 01:30 AM
So I just got done at the phoenix signing. It was awesome!! Brandon Sanderson read an excerpt from the prologue from my book!! how awesome :) he answered the usual questions from the other signings. All I could think to ask him was what his middle name was. Its winn. and how in the world manages to sign hundreds of books without his hand falling off. he said at first it was hard but he got used to it, kind of like working out. I showed off my dragon tatoo on my forarm and hung out with the trivia storm leaders and answered questions all night. Got some right and some wrong. I still managed to win one of the wheel of time comic books though, I think it was because it was my birthday one of the storm leaders took pitty on me :) As far as book related questions go, I just didn't want to ask. I almost did.. but then I thought about it and realized that the only way I really wanted him to answer was through the books themselves. *shrug* sorry. Though when someone asked who killed asmodean.. (of course) he did seem to be leaning toward balefire, though that may be a misdirection. The one question of note that I thought was pretty awesome, someone asked if the verin twist was brandons or jordans, and it was most deffinetly jordans. I liked that. That and the portion of the prologue that he read was dictated by rj from his death bed. that about moved me to tears. it was an honour to have it read from my book. It was the part about the farmer in the begining. There was a warder and his aes sedai also in attendance. Lots of fun. on a side note clive cussler will be at the same location tommorrow. so I get two authors in two days! man, what a great birthday!

11-17-2009, 01:34 AM
oh I almost forgot! Brandon said that the verin plotline will have repercusions throughout the rest of the series. And that the other notes including the one given to mat have a rather large importance.

11-17-2009, 08:21 AM
man, what a great birthday!

That's awesome :) I just realized the other day that my birthday (April 24th) is on the weekend of JordanCon (April 23-25th). Now that's a cool present :)