View Full Version : Book signing at Vroman's in Pasadena, CA 11/17/09

11-18-2009, 03:48 AM
Tonight I attended the The Gathering Storm book signing in Pasadena to a very packed house in the upstairs level. I missed the introduction and arrived about 45 minutes, after the event started...frowns at Downtown LA traffic and three accidents in good weather conditions. :rolleyes:

Brandon seemed to be having a very good time, signing books, and chatting with fellow readers. I didn't see Peter, Alan nor Maria in the audience in Pasadena. After chatting two other fellow WoT fans for a little over a hour in the front row seating; I didn't overhear anything new from Brandon after he had signed books for roughly +120 people, many with two, three or more books to be signed.

I finally got in line to have my volume signed, and I was able to ask four questions:

(#1)How are Ta'veren and Heros different in the Wheel of Time?

Paraphrasing Brandon's reply: Tav'eran bend the Pattern, while Hero's help aid, fix, right the Pattern's path.

(#2)Is Valan Luca an example of a Hero, in the Wheel of Time?

Paraphrasing Brandon's reply: "Character's reappear in the Wheel of Time"; then Brandon smiles, grabs both of his hands together on the table in a manner of prayer and wouldn't confirm if Valan Luca is a Hero.

My Take: It was highly amusing reaction, to behold, after watching and listening to Brandon meet, greet, sign books and engage in small talk for over an hour straight from my vantage point in the front row...as it was the first time all night I noticed that look from him.

The feeling I got though from Brandon at Vroman's, was that Luca is a "Hero". Reminded me of his wording about Hurin a bit, from his Hero of Ages booktour a while back.

(#3) Are we going to learn more about the Sea Folk clans background in future books?

Brandon's reply: RAFO, he wouldn't say a word about the Sea Folk at all, as tight a clam. :(

My Take: Out of +30 questions I was curious about, the Sea Folk as a topic I wanted to learn the most about, and I got completely shot down. Basically wasted a question, even after re-paraphasing my question. Not even a yes, maybe, or MAFO. Which leads me to wonder why the tight lips?

Basically a question about Verin would of at least gain a reply...or even Elyas. Sigh.

(#4)Did the Da'shain Aiel have first-sisters, second-mothers, second-fathers in the Age of Legends?

Brandon's reply: MAFO and/or tweet his assistant Peter for further information.

My Take: Brandon seemed highly surprised at this question based on the ever widening of his eyes and opening jaw. Or maybe he didn't understand what I was asking at first, as I did have to ask it twice before he MAFO'd it.

Since he wouldn't answer about the Sea Folk at all, I tried going one rung up the ladder historically speaking, to the Da'shain Aiel.

Brandon said to email him at his website - BrandonSanderson.com or tweet @PeterAhlstrom to contact Maria, in reply to Brandon's MAFO's In the future. I asked if Maria uses Twitter, and he said no, she doesn't. He also mentioned he lacks the time to reply to tweets to his own @BrandonSandrson twitter account currently, because of a lack of time in the day. That isn't surprising considering he's on Book tour & writing.

The stormleaders at the Pasadena signing, did have a video camera moving around interviewing individuals in line; however there was no live video camera pointed at Brandon during the majority his interactions with readers, book buyers for the hour and half I sat in the front row listening to him.