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08-20-2010, 10:45 AM
In an effort to get to know you all better, I was curious of everyone's favorite pet theory that was debunked, and how was it debunked? You know the one that you were just SO sure was dead on...

To get things started I'll throw mine out there. For years I had the theory that Min's viewings were related to the powers of the Aelfinn. This was due to the passage when Mat visits them and they 'scan the air above his head' before giving him his answer. (I know that's not the exact quote, but I don't have the books in front of me right now.)

Anyways, long story short - now that I've entered the online community, I had the pleasure of reading the following quote from Terez' database:

TOR Questions of the Week, February 2005-July 2005

Week 1 Question: Are the Eelfinn limited in their power to grant wishes? To what degree can they affect the outside world? Also, is there any relation between what the Aelfinn do and Min's ability?

Robert Jordan Answers: Oh, yes, there definitely are limits to the powers of the Eelfinn. For one thing, they cannot affect the outside world at all. If you said that you wanted to be King of the World, you might well find that what you received was not what you expected. For example, they might put you out of their world into a world with no other sentient life, where you would be king by default. Then again, you might find yourself with the necessary skills to make yourself King of the World, if you were able. Actually achieving it would be up to you. But then, many of their "gifts" are skewed in this way. You must be very careful is you're asking if you want to receive what you are hoping for. And yet, remember that Mat actually did receive very much what he asked for. Just not in the way that he wanted.

No, there is no connection between what the Aelfinn do and what Min does.

AHHH! And I was so sure I was on to something! :D