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06-29-2008, 02:38 AM
Feeling kind of depressed, second guessing myself about certain decisions, and regretting past actions.. so i wrote this.



Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"Don't do what you're thinking,
you're throwing your life away,
all my hard work down the drain
to oblivion and beyond,
erased by your evils and crimes."

Said Hyde to Jekyll,
"It's my life, too, to throw away.
You're not doing anything with it
Just staying beneath the radar,
Focusing on boring things
And things that don't matter,
things that should be blown to hell."

Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"It's my life to live, not yours to steal.
My life to keep, not yours to destroy.
Don't pass these urges and evils on to me
Not when they will destroy me
Not when they will ruin me
Leave me forever, or else."

Said Hyde to Jekyll,
"I'll never leave you, for you are me.
We are like brothers, two sides of a coin.
These urges are not solely my own
But yours as well to keep and have
These are your dreams to
Do not deny me to yourself."

Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"I will always deny you, curse you,
Though you may take over my actions,
Take over my each and every thought,
you will never take my soul, my true self.
Be true to your name and hide
Hide from sight and never be seen again."

Said Hyde to Jekyll,
"It is you who shall hide, my friend.
For my urges are more primal, more feral
And I will overcome you if you are not careful.
Be afraid, be fearful of me, my friend
For I will spell your doom, your destruction
And tear apart all that you have built."

Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"I will fight you til my dying breath.
I will push you away, never embrace you
For Hyde, you are my dark side
And you are the bane of my existence.
there shall always be war between us
And we shall never be at peace."

Said Hyde to Jekyll,
"You cannot help yourself,
Not in the very least bit.
You will give in, you will fail
And I will reign over your soul
Hear this, and know it for truth,
Jekyll, your time has come."

Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"Though it may cost me my friendships,
Though it may cost me my health,
Though it may cost me my fortune,
I will fight, I will endeavor to destroy you
And though I may never win,
I will never lose."

Said Hyde to Jekyll,
"So be it, little man, so be it.
Our war has begun in earnest."

Said Jekyll to Hyde,
"So be it."

06-30-2008, 09:01 PM
Very nicely done.