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11-14-2010, 05:30 AM
“How the hell do you write about tha happenings of ShadowSpawn when there is no ShadowSpawn at home to write about?”

That, intrepid Thakandar faithful, is exactly the reason why we have a new Gazette. When you have nothing to write about, then you write about notning. But nothing hasn’t actually been happening, stuff has been happening, in fact, happening is now stuff. Why? Why, because we have on site, in all ShadowSpawn fronts, on site (you already said that, Ed!) Gazette reporters of all descirptions, ready and raring to give you the hot goss on the precursor battles to the Last Battle (yep, we know its not the LB, but you don’t know that do you, hehehe).

On site, with the Camelyn bound hordes, we have embedded, Six Pips and kcf, (kcf shoud be renamed KFC, that way the Trollocs wouldn’t have so worry about food on the way, self delivery at hand). Both these young Gazettees have been proving themselves as avid new TL members and we only felt it fair that they joined the SGG, albeit, yet with their approval, 13 on 13 at 13 can do wonders. Can’t give away the mission yet as they don’t even know what it is, other than toasting up some Camelyner’s for supper.

At Maradon, we have Tower of Ganja, under the watchful eye of Uno and Spidy. Ganja parked himself on the hills back from the river that Ituralde commandeered for his starting defence but we all knew that Rodel wasn’t going to last the distance. Funny thing is, when the Ganj opened up his tabac pouch Uno and Spidy took the offerings and the preview LB tour that had been put on by Moridin, (eveyone had to wear black and red, just to keep him happy) just sat down and started discussing theories, books, haters, taters, maters and everything a Wotist should have been expecting in 10 books time came bubbling to the surface.

At last count, we had a sit in of Uno, Spidy, WSB, Terez, dfchang813, G4G, Zaela (should be back giving greetings to all but with the Plethora of newbies, that is a big ask, a big big ask), Isahara, Gonzo, wow we lost count. It seemed like Ganja had a Tower of Ganja stored up and we are not even half way though the first level . Maybe a lot of looney theories about to sprout up on the TL boards, stay tuned for more info.

Key reporting position though goes to Ferid Hel, with his new apprentice, Fain Jarstrider. These guys have been despatched to Tarwins gap, just next to Trawin’s Gap (you know, the gap before the Gap), waiting for the clash of the BDH (big dark hoard). The Dark Amyrlin and Moonie are also on site, catering to our Intrepid faithful as well as both A’Lan and the Trollocs though not sure how each side will react to cucumber muffins. Doesn’t seem to be fighting food that stuff, though knowing “The Girls”, they are probably posing as caterers to get the scoop of the Age.

Finally, Davian93 has been selected for expert commentary on all affairs, but we are yet to hear from the D-man on whether he wants the job or will join on us the Ganja hill for prepartory Ganja.

For all things ShadowSpawn, we will let you know. Stay tuned to the SGG peeps, we have it all.

Where’s Snow and DT? Well, thats what we would like to know. Perhaps more to be found and heard.