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11-21-2010, 09:57 PM
Though i would post this after looking at the other timeline thread

We last really here from Perrin ignoring the trip to Merrilor when he says to one of his Asha'man that he would look into the BT tonight.

So Perrin goes to sleep travels to the BT and sees the Dreamspike wall, now that he has his balls back he will go in to investigate further and as he thinks Slayer will be there he'll want to avenge Hopper.

So inside the wall will have to be someone guarding the spike which i assume will be the BA women as they have the ter'angreal and with Messana now a vegetable plus they have had to hide somewhere after the purge. So a few BA's will be roaming around TAR guarding "No match for uber Perrin's TAR skills who even taught Egwene something in ToM". I think that Moridin will have taken Slayer back from Graendal and he'll be there as well for some more fun in TAR with Perrin.

Perrin will find Logain somehow and assist in getting him released so that the Androl/2 Rivers crew can lay some smackdown on the day or eve of Merrilor which along with the attack on caemlyn gives 2 reasons for fires in that direction.

Since Rand sent Naeff there the day before Merrilor we know that it wasn't sorted at that stage.

Thats my quick summary of Perrin in AMol

11-21-2010, 10:01 PM
Maybe thats where Demandred's hiding, in T'A'R at the Black Tower?

Jokes aside he didnt ignore Merrilor, hes already there. But if this does pan out I'm looking forward to another Perrin battle. And that is an interesting take on Logain since it means he was probably preparing for battle at the Black Tower if he shows up and saves it.

But im hoping that there's a way to reverse being 13'd X 13'd, otherwise the light's looking a little down in terms of powerful male channelers.

11-21-2010, 10:25 PM
By ignoring Merrilor i meant that from the time he said he was going to check out the BT between when he went to Merrilor was about 15 days

11-22-2010, 07:14 AM
I like it. There's no way he can meet Logain whilst in TAR though. He'd have to wake up first and send scouts or reinforcements (depending on what happens) in from FoM - they could be there by the morning.
Naeff was told to gate to somewhere a day's ride out of BT, which means that he should be in place when the spike is removed, by the morning.
Now, supposing Logain is in the vicinity already, wandering why the gates don't work, he could meet up with Naeff on the way.
I don't know how many bonded AS he has with him (if any), but they could be instrumental in persuading the AS camped outside the walls to help.
Then there are the bonded AS inside the compound and Androl & Co...

All this begs the question - what would Perrin do with the dreamspike, drop it into Dragonmount? Or is there some better use for it?