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those of too young age are hereby warned (peek through your fingers if you have to).

Galad stood rooted to the ground inside his tent. Before him stood Berelain in a smoldering dress that was very low cut and seemed to emphasize her full hips and very full bosom. Galad did not mind looking at her, but he felt threatened by her somehow. Like he was in a middle of a battle against himself and had hard time restraining himself and losing composure.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Berelain asked. "I'm in a mind of doing a bit of looting" she continued while she stepped up next to Galad.

The sunburst uniform seemed too hot for him suddenly. "I see you are pitching a tent here Galad Damodred" Berelain said with a small hint of a smile on her full lips. Suddenly he felt Berelain's hands journeying over his body and he tensed. "What are you you doing?" he croaked. "I once heard couple of women talk about a form called Lizard on Hot Boulders and I think I try it on you now" Berelain demurred and slipped her hand forward. He was very familiar with Beat the Lizard, but this was all new to him.

Electrified Galad tried to not yield any ground but it was the hardest thing he had ever done. "What would mother say?" he thought frantically. Berelain frowned as her Lizard on Hot Boulders seemed to be ineffectual, but she pressed on her advantage.

Suddenly Galad remembered Gareth Bryne's voice telling him to always go for the high ground. It was sound advice and he took a firm hold of Berelain's hills. While conducting terrain scouting another one Bryne's voice beat in to him on those coutless lessons he decided to sent five scouts to South. Relishing the high ground made him feel a distinct loss but obtaining information was vital.

The other hand idly continued exploration on the other hill and suddenly a children's game came to his mind. "Courage to strengthen, Fire to blind, music to dazzle and iron to bind". Funny how man's mind would conjure up things at a moment like this, but somehow they all sounded like very good advice to this situation.

Something ripped inside him and he decided to do a full charge. Lance gleaming he jumped to the fray and started repeating Working the Forge. Galad formed the void and lost his conception of time and fell into the rhythm of the tussle. Suddenly he felt the world contracting on itself and felt the world throbbing. Disoriented he rolled over and fell in to the defensive position called Smoking The Pipe to buy time for the inevitable barrage that would follow.

Galad exited the tent and instinctively adopted the sauntering Cat Crossing the Courtyard to hide his exhaustion from the onlooking Children of the Light.


I'm fairly certain Brandon just dropped the above from the final draft, but I'm included it here so that you are not unawares. ;)

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Is there a "Spoilers" section on the Fiction Board?

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lmao epic. Dirty? only in an entirely suggestive manner. Shakespearean even :D I laughed, I cried, because I was laughing to be sure, and then a part of me died with Galad's loss of innocence. Definitely good fan fic.