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11-29-2010, 09:30 PM
This one is kind of an inside joke for hard-core cartoon geeks. So, sorry if it's a bit obscure. Let's hope my Dark Amyrlin remembers the early 90s.

(P.S. props to the first person who guesses the source of this spoof)


As she stretched languidly on the bed, in a sheer, black nightie, Min rested her cheek on her upturned palm. Her raven-dark curls fell in waves over her bare shoulders She gave her lover the mildest hint of a smile. "Come on, Rand," she said. "Make love to me like you used to."

He stood before her, somber in his gray pants and red coat with golden dragons on the sleeve. His eyes were downcast. He frowned morosely at the floor. "No," Rand said flatly.

Min was crestfallen. She flopped down on the mattress with a soft sigh. "It's that horrible Lews Therin, isn't it?"

Rage boiled inside Rand. He looked up at her with eyes as cold as ice. "YOU LEAVE LEWS THERIN OUT OF THIS!!!!" he bellowed, tears leaking from his eyes. Seizing a clump of hair in each fist, he ran shrieking from his chambers.

He barreled into the anteroom with its checkerboard floor. The round fountain was bubbling softly in the cool night air. A balcony ran along the wall before Rand, supported by pillars with swooping arches between them. He was alone for a moment. And then he heard the voice.

Rand!!! RAAA-AAAND!!!! the madman called.

The image of Lews Therin appeared on balcony, clad only in a toga.

Rand smiled a loving smile.

At last he was at peace. He had found his soul-mate.

11-30-2010, 12:53 AM
The Simpsons.

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Why is all the fanfiction being posted here, all of a sudden?
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