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12-26-2010, 07:06 PM
Rand tells Bashere and Ituralde that he will organize them but the war will be fought by them as he will be needed elsewhere.

How do you think the forces will be organized? During the Aiel War, the allied nations were lead by rotation. (I seem to remember this somehow, kindly correct me if I am wrong)

What do you think the command structure be? Will there be an overall commander overseeing the war as a whole? Will each of the armies be assigned to different areas?

The Aes Sedai would seem best served as attachments to the various armies, or with their nature they would want to be in charge. Teslyn and Joline seemed to want to take over from Mat during the fighting to slip into Murandy.

Would the entire world want to be united under the Aes Sedai, even if it would be under Gareth Bryne? I would think that this would be doubtful.

Mat would seem to be the best bet, but I do not think he would be readily accepted by everyone, or would they?

The Aiel it seems would know how good he is, the Seanchan would have no problems being under his command, the Legion of the Dragon was helped organized by him, Bashere's army should have no problems, Andor's army should have no problems.

The Aes Sedai lead by Egwene would be too blinded by what Egwene knows of Mat to allow themselves to be placed in his hands. Perrin's contingent as well, possibly, for the same reasons would have the same misgivings although they would follow should Perrin place himself under Mat. The boarderland armies do not know Mat either.

With all the politicking going on about the Amyrlin Seat, you would think that you would have the same problem or worse in choosing an overall commander if it were not the Dragon Reborn leading.

Apart from the commander issue, where will everyone be deployed? at the boarderlands alone? Caemlyn is burning, meaning that the shadow has access to waygates and portal stones. Do they really leave everywhere else unattended? Do they have to worry about the shadow coming from the Waste?

I'm having a difficult time imagining the scale of things, and how it will happen.

12-26-2010, 09:49 PM
My guess would be that the army that follows Rand will be led by the already small group of leaders that are at the moment closely knitted to Rand.

Gareth Bryne will lead the AS gathered army etc.

Together they'll form a larger alliance. I think it's unlikely they'll somehow elect someone that is overall ruler of the whole army of the light, unless Rand will demand this out of all the gathered rulers. I find it unlikely though.

Mat, although he is very good at battle tactics, will most likely be holding a field command. He may very well be attending strategy meetings with all the other generals and rulers, but I do not see him taking charge over the whole scene. Even though he knows battles everyone will be looking toward any of the already known great captains for that kind of thing. It's as much poltics as it is knowing your stuff at the very top.

12-27-2010, 05:11 AM
I do think that everyone will accept Mat.
Having him in charge will allow Tuon to pretend that her fake prophecy has come true, and, as her husband and a very good commander, having him command the sizable Seanchan forces is no problem.
Perrin won't object to that. He will accept Rand's assessment that Mat is an even better general than he is.
The Aiel will be willing to follow Mat. They have less prejudice against someone of humble origins, and they know about his abilities. They never made any trouble at all about it when he was supposed to lead them against Sammael.
The Sea Folk will follow Mat, all the while being happy that they do not have to make a deal with him about it.
The Andoran and Cairhienin forces will fight under his command, as Elayne actually acknowledges that he is good enough for that.
The Borderlanders will fall in line too, on the recommendation of Bashere.
The Tairens and Illianers will obey, as they don't have any real contenders of their own anyway.

Who does that leave?
Egwene, basically.

And there won't be time for politics. It will all be over, one way or another, in a day or two at most, and that does not leave opportunity for continent wide politics.

12-27-2010, 08:36 AM
If the plan is to fight the war on many fronts, like the Borderland nations then I doubt there will be a single commander, apart from Rand. He can devise the overall strategy but once it starts, the real efforts would have to be made by the generals on the ground. The great captains should ideally be in charge of this and would coordinate with each other directly. Mat needs to blow the horn and both he and Perrin (with the banner) might strengthen Rand by staying close to him, leading their forces in the assault on Shayol Ghul. Egwene and Logain would divide their channelers among the various armies as they see fit.