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The Immortal One
01-02-2011, 02:09 AM
Chapter 51 - News comes to Cairhien
"Not a war. Me. I can be in Caemlyn in an hour. A raid - right, Mat? - a raid, not a war. I'll rip Rahvin's heart out." His voice was a hammer. He felt as if acid filled his veins. "I could wish I had Elaida's thirteen sisters to take with me, to smother him, and bring him to justice. Tried and hung for murder. That would be justice. But he'll just have to die however I can kill him."

"Tomorrow," Moiraine said softly.

Rand glared at her. But she was right. Tomorrow would be better. A night to let his rage cool. He needed to be cold when he faced Rahvin. Now he wanted to seize saidin and lay about him destroying. Asmodean's music changed again, to a tune that street musicians in the city had played during the civil war. You could still hear it sometimes when a Cairhienin noble passed. "The Fool Who Thought He Was King." "Get out, Natael. Get out!"

Asmodean rose smoothly, bowing, but his face could have done for snow, and he crossed the room quickly, as if uncertain what one more second might bring.

This is the chapter when Mat brings news to Rand, Moiraine, Egwene, Aviendha and Asmodean that Morgase is 'dead' and 'Lord Gaebril' has been crowned King of Andor. Rand becomes enraged and wants to go kill Rahvin.

What I want to know is; why do you think Asmodean began playing "The Fool Who Thought He Was King"?

Was he implying that Rand, being enraged and demanding justice for Rahvin, was a fool? Or only that his plan was foolish? Was he simply needling Rand, pushing Rand while he was off balance?

Or was he showing solidarity? Was he saying Rahvin is a fool - he's the one claiming to be King, after all - and that he, Asmodean, was on Rand's side?


01-02-2011, 02:33 AM
Rand at least seems to have thought Asmodean was referring to him and likely that's why he shouted at Asmodean.

At first reading it felt to me that Asmodean was referring to Rand, but from his hasty departure and fear at Rand's anger, I think he didn't mean to insult Rand and was possibly referring to something else, possibly Rahvin because by becoming King he made himself an obvious target and essentially put flashing arrows pointing to himself saying, "here I am!" Also could be because not only he's drawing attention to himself from not only Rand but the other Forsaken, he drove Morgase out or killed her for all everyone else knew, so Rand was likely to be enraged so Rahvin was a fool in many aspects for doing this. As I think about it I think that Asmodean was referring to Rahvin.

01-02-2011, 04:53 AM
He was making fun of Rhavin, I don't think Rand was in the mood for jokes though.

01-02-2011, 05:33 AM
I think that Asmodean saw a good opportunity for making fun of both Rand and Rahvin, with "plausible deniability" if Rand got angry about it.

01-02-2011, 06:36 AM
What I want to know is; why do you think Asmodean began playing "The Fool Who Thought He Was King"?

Chuckles... perhaps Asmodean knows Rand al'Thor is no Artur Hawkwing... yet has a feeling that Mat Cauthon might be. Remember when Lan gets Mat to talk, with Asmodean present in the background in Cairhien? :D

Who throws "the King"?

Mat Cauthon... in Dice. ;)

的値l dance with a girl with eyes of brown,
or a girl with eyes of green,
I値l dance with a girl with any color eyes,
but yours are the prettiest I致e seen.
I値l kiss a girl with hair of black,
or a girl with hair of gold,
I値l kiss a girl with any color hair,
but it痴 you I want to hold.

The singer had named the song as 展hat He Said to Me. Mat remembered the tune as 展ill You Dance With Me, with different words, but at that moment all he could think of were those dice.

典he king again, one of the men squatting with Mat muttered. It was the fifth time in a row Mat had thrown the king.

He had won the bet of a gold mark, not even caring by this time that his Andoran mark outweighed the other man痴 Illianer coin, but he scooped the dice into the leather cup, rattled it hard, and spun them across the floor again. Five crowns. Light, it can稚 be. Nobody ever threw the king six times running. Nobody.

典he Dark One痴 own luck, another man growled.

The Dragon Reborn -- Mat Cauthon point of view; in Tar Valon throwing 'The King"...