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01-09-2011, 08:39 AM
Let's start with a quote from this BS interview (http://www.stormblessed.com/2010/12/25/interview-with-brandon-sanderson/):

Remember that to get an order of the Knights Radiant you take two of the small glyphs and one of the large glyphs. The large glyph represents a concept or an ideal mixed with an essence, what they call the elements of this world, with two magics attached to it. You have seen the Windrunners, which is the first, top-right glyph, mixed with the two Surges–the forces in this world–attached to it. So you’ve seen pressure and gravitation as mixed together to form a Windrunner. You have seen one of the other Surges, which is Soulcasting–Transformation–though which other Surges that mixes with to form orders of the Knights Radiant I am not specifically going to say at this time. What else have you seen? Those are the only ones that are overt. But you have seen the effects of others.

First of all, what picture is BS referring to? is it this one (http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/File:TWOK_Back_Cover_-_Smaller.png), or perhaps this one (http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/File:Front_cover_-smaller.png)?

So there are 10 orders of knights radiants, and 10 different surges. Each order of knights radiant has 2 surges, and each surge is shared by 2 different orders of knights radiant.

So what are the 10 surges?

Gravitation (used for basic lashings)
Pressure (used for full lashings)
Transformation (used in soulcasting)

What have we have already seen of the other 7?

Regrowth: in one of dalinar's visions (chapter 19: starfalls), we saw one of the knights radiant heal dalinar (heb) and heb's wife:

Dalinar lurched, turning to see a woman in delicate Shardplate kneeling beside him, holding something bright. It was a topaz entwined with a heliodor, both set into a fine metal framework, each stone as big as a man’s hand. The woman had light tan eyes that almost seemed to glow in the night, and she wore no helm. Her hair was pulled back into a bun. She raised a hand and touched his forehead.
Ice washed across him. Suddenly, his pain was gone.
The woman reached out and touched Taffa. The flesh on her arm regrew in an eyeblink; the torn muscle remained where it was, but other flesh just grew where the chunks had been torn out. The skin knitted up over it without flaw, and the female Shardbearer wiped away the blood and torn flesh with a white cloth.

Later, the woman says:

I should save Regrowth for others who might be wounded

Other possible surges:

In the same chapter, the 2 radiants arrive using different means of transportation. The man arrives falling from the sky like a meteor. The woman is just suddenly there. These skills are probably related to surges of some kind. This is also consistent with a discussion among kaladin's bridge crew about the radiant's means of transportation (if they can instantly traverse space, why bother with flying? if they can fly, why bother walking on walls?). In fact, each radiant has only a subset of those skills.

Jasnah kills 2 fleeing thugs with a kind of transformation death-ray. This may be a variation of the transformation surge, (just like a reverse lashing is a variation of a gravitation surge) or it could be a separate skill.

Any other ideas?

Also, any info on which glyph corresponds to which order of knights or surge in the diagram above?
If we knew that we would know which surges can and cannot be combined.