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04-16-2011, 07:04 PM
I was asked by some people at jordancon to put together a general character list and synopsis for Wheel of Time. I've put it partially together but there is more to come.

A general list of characters and groups in WoT. Three boys have to save the wheel that turns time from the dark one. With the help of women weavers and men who go mad from weaving because their yarn and string comes from a tainted source.

Rand one of the boys, becomes a very good weaver with help from his past lives. He finds out he'll have to fight the dark baddy. He gets a bad attitude and starts killing people and being a dick. He's banging three chicks so he's the MAN!

His friend Mat, who hates weavers because he's scared of their yarn gets killed by tanners and brought back to life. He gets an ashanderei, which is basically a badass jo-blade. He also gets lucky with dice and stuff, but his luck with women is crap. He vows to get them back for dropping a bunch of other peoples memories in his melon. He likes lacy stuff and horses, but not in a Catherine the great kind of way. He's a general of epic proportions. He also adopts a little kid that likes bosoms.

Their other friend, Perrin, who used to be a blacksmith apprentice, so he big and strong a careful and slow, meets a carnivirous bird lover with an attitude. She gets abducted by the spear joggers. Perrin spends some time ordering weavers around to save her. Then he builds a kick ass hammer.

Egwene, who loved Rand until he became a total dick (and started banging three chicks who knew about each other...I'm telling ya, he DA MAN) becomes head of the weavers, but the boys don't believe her and Mat tries to take her away before she gets in trouble. She stays anyway and gets whipped with a strap, shoe, etc and starts to kind of dig it.

The old wise one from the small town the boys lived in didn't like the blue weavers attitude, so she tracked them and even had the blue weavers bodyguard fooled. She eventually gets recruited by the weavers and goes to their academy. Because she can make bigger and stronger weaves than anyone else she is bumped from the freshman class to the sophomore class and has to go through a bunch of challenges because she can only weave good stuff when she's pissed. *She pulls her braid a few times and the bodyguard, who just happens to be a king with a deathwish, falls in love with her. They get married. Her name is Nynaeve. You'll know her by the braid and the dot on her head.

Moiraine is a blue weaver. She was a freshman when she heard Rand was born. She's been looking for him for twenty years. She's hot, an heir to a throne, and willing to do what it takes to win. She's been stuck with the tanners for a couple of years.

Lan is the blue weavers bodyguard. He will fucking kill you.

Min (or Elmindreda if you're so inclined) is a country bumpkin that sees things around people that no one else sees. Kind of like a bad acid trip. She loves Rand and follows him around like a lost puppy. She rags him for being a sheepherder. She also likes the shape of his calves. She seems a little fetishy.

There is another group of women who weren't good enough weavers to join the others so they became Knitters instead. They were in hiding (they thought) until they were "discovered" brought back to be retirement home employees for the aged weavers. They live a long friggin' time. They are trying to grow backbones.

Elayne is also in love with Rand. He's really close to being her step-brother so the fact that she's pregnant with his babies is almost creepy. She's a hottie with an attitude and thinks she's always right. She's high up with the weavers and is also going to be queen. She thinks she can't be killed because Min told her so.

Aviendha is a jogger who was taken from her chosen position and made a weaver among the joggers. She didn't want to do it because she liked running and killing people with spears. She loves Rand too but he hasn't gotten her pregnant yet.

Tuath'an are a group of nomadic people searching for a song*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B9VPewOJ1k&feature=youtube_gdata_player. They have a religion about leafs and they don't like to fight much. Somehow they are related to the joggers. Right now I don't think about them much. Hopefully they grow some cajones in the future. Maybe they're the red veiled people in the blight...that'd be cool!

Loial is a big old dude from another race called ogier. They're aren't mean ogre though, they're ogier. They sing and talk and go slow but they live a long time. Some people think they're from another world, all I know is they'd be bitchin' football players and I think they're cool. Loial reads and writes books and he kind of reminds us of a theorylander except he's faster. Don't piss him off, he's like a woman scorned...except he's not a woman. He's got a huge stump too.

Faile...she's got another name but nobody cares. She thinks she's a bird and she digs on Perrin. Not much to say about her. I think she's bad for Perrin, but at least Rand didn't suck her in...yet.

The Jogging people are total badasses. They fight with spears and run a lot. Aviendha is one of them. Rand ruined their lives when he told them a secret and it spread like secrets do. This wasn't gossip though this was a real secret. They gave Rand cool tats that aren't really tats on his arms. The ones who didn't like Rands secret stole Faile and pissed off Perrin. They also hate the tuatha'an even though they're related.